A Quick Run Down Of My Journey

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A Quick Run Down Of My Journey

I came across some awesome Mom Bloggers who were staying at home with the kids, blogging and making good money at the same time!

After learning from them and other forums, I opened a free account and started a weight loss blog.

Yeah, I was in the process of dropping a few pounds and thought it was a good fit.

I quickly learned that creating interesting content was not as easy as it seemed.

That’s where I began to learn about different methods to quickly create content and get people to the blog.

I wish things were still that simple 😉

2009 ish

I started acting… Red carpet here I come!

That was the plan anyway…

Never made it to the big screen but I did a Commercial and several smaller projects I am very proud of!

I set out to create a website as a way for people everywhere to find me and see what i can do.

With that website, I learned about search engine optimization.

Again, I wish things were still that simple! If you been online any amount of time you know how often SEO “Best Practices” change.


I am the head of Online Business Development for a fashion company.

I also focus on helping Online Entrepreneur’s with growing their business here at The Visual Life.

Content overload is very real and with the things have changed over the years.

So much online is fluffed for pageviews and shares. They sound great but for the learning online entrepreneur, this can cost us tons of time and resources trying to figure it all out.

I want you to succeed and will do everything in my power to help you get there!

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