For most of us, we don’t create content just for the fun of it. We are working to get to a place where our content will convert and deliver results.

Here I will share the two main reasons that really matter in get results from your visual content.

When I first started to get serious about my visuals I was very intimidated. I knew very little about Photoshop or tools that can help me create quality images.

I was actually pretty bad in the beginning! I sometimes go back and look through some and laugh.

I am glad I took that step though. I would have never made it to this point, if it wasn’t for those horrible images!

In my journey, I found a couple very interesting things about creating visual content.

First, you do not have to be good at creating graphics in order to create images that get results.

Second, the image itself is not the most important part of what really drives results from your visual content.

I’ll go deeper into this throughout this post.

The First Reason Your Visual Content Drives more Results

I’m sure you know there are tons of fresh content that is circulated every second.

This is where Visual Content helps us tremendously. Our Images help gain the much need attention from readers. Which leads us into the first part of what is important for you to understand.

Getting readers ‘Attention’ is the first step to getting results. It will help your content stand out from the many other shares and with so many still not taking this serious or sharing low quality images this gives you a nice advantage!

I see tons of images but many are low quality and sized incorrectly. Start off doing these two things correctly and you are already doing better than many of the images out there.
Example of sizing your image properly
In the example above, look at the image on the right compared to my image on the left. Clearly just sizing your images correctly will help you stand out!

But the image alone is still not what really gets you the best results.

Think about it, if you are scrolling through your timeline on social media and there was an image that caught your attention, other than a quick Like, +1 button etc, would that make you want to look further into the content associated with it?

Most likely not, right?

Now let’s say that image that already grabbed your attention has something included that could benefit you one way or another.

The Second and Most Important Reason You Will Get More Results From Your Visuals

Your ‘Message’, also known as your Headline, is what will really get you the results you are looking for.

Many focus or should focus a lot on their headlines to help with the success of their posts. The same holds true for your feature images.

It is what moves more readers to action.

When the talk moves to visuals much of the focus is put towards making the background image stand out, which is important, but the thing that really brings results is the message that accompanies the image.

I sometimes go around searching for an image I think will look good and help gain attention to my content.

With some experiments, I have found that if your message is put together right that it is all you need.

I have created images with a plain colored background and focused only on the message and received good results!

I just vary the sized and styles of some of the fonts.

It can really be that simple!

Use the Resources And Tools Available To You

I know firsthand how intimidating it can be when you begin creating your own images for your content and to build your brand online.

Luckily, there are a lot of smart people who have done plenty of work to give it away or to eliminate the sometimes huge learning curves we could face.

Creating Images

Canva- With simple drag and drop feature you can quickly create quality images for your content. They have tons of images available for you to use and tons of easy to follow tutorials.

Building Your Brand

131+ Free Image Quotes- When building your brand it can’t always be about you. You have to find other things to share that your followers find interesting. Here I have tons of free image quotes, broke up in several categories of your choice, to quickly help you find and share the perfect quotes for your audience!

Editing Images

Pixlr- This is a simpler online version of Photoshop. Canva is great for creating images but when you need to quickly resize images for example. Pixlr is there to solve your problem.


Know that one of the best ways to help your content stand out is to use visuals.

With this in mind:

Attract Attention + The Right Message= Action

When you combine an attention grabbing image with a well put together message, you have just created the perfect visual for your content.

Feel great about sharing this on your social media accounts.

The way social media and many other content based platforms are shifting; we have to get out of our own way, if that is the problem, or get serious about getting better and better with our visual content.

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