I’m excited to introduce my guest today Felix Tarcomnicu. He has a ton of great options to help you bring more traffic to your website. He has been featured on very important websites like KissMetrics.com, Entrepreneur.com, NBCNews and more. Get ready because he lays out many options and resources for you to choose from!

You might know already that traffic is what thrives online businesses. Nevertheless, getting more visits to your website can sometimes be challenging, but it shouldn’t be that way. Many entrepreneurs and business owners rely on the traffic of their website and are continuously searching for new methods to drive quality visitors to their site.

If you are looking for new strategies to get relevant traffic, stop scratching your head and follow the actionable tips I’m going to share with you in this post.

Write engaging content

Your content is the key to your online success. You don’t have to be a genius to write useful content that performs well.

Use your articles to engage with your audience and try to involve them in writing comments. Write short sentences and don’t use sophisticated words.

A storytelling approach is the best way to keep your reader’s interest. Most often, people remember stories, not facts. Use statistics and make your content visual by using a lot of screenshots and images.

Find an audience willing to share your content

Do the research and find articles with a lot of social shares. You can use tools like BuzzSumo or Ahrefs Content Explorer to identify the most popular articles on social media.

Simply enter your keywords and find what articles are creating a lot of buzz on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or Pinterest.

In BuzzSomo, there’s a button called ‘view sharers’ that will list the influencers that have shared a certain article on Twitter.


Study the most popular articles on social media and identify what works best for them. Come up with a better content strategy plan and write articles that are better than what’s already available.

After publishing a great piece of content, outreach to influencers that have shared similar articles and mention about your latest post. Do your best to spread the word about your articles that are worth the influencers attention.

Become a guest author

Despite popular belief, guest blogging is not dead, and it’s not even close to being dead. By publishing articles on third-party websites, you can engage with an audience that shares similar interests to yours.

These are the main benefits of guest blogging:

Get your content in front of new readers
Increase social media followers
Drive relevant traffic to your website
Build your online influence and reputation
Gain more subscribers
SEO and organic traffic

When doing guest blogging, keep the quality of the articles you are publishing at a high standard and never post on dodgy websites that are not worth your time. Aim for reputable websites from where you have a lot to gain.
At the bottom of the post, you can include a short author bio with a link to your website. Always write a call to action sentence asking readers to follow you on social media or subscribe to your newsletter.

Use MailChimp to create an email subscribers group for your guest blogging campaigns, and place a direct link inside the author bio.
Analyze competitors backlinks

Spying your competitors has endless advantages. By looking at your competitors backlinks profile you can determine what links are influencing their rankings in Google.

Find what links are helping them rank high for competitive terms. If you are serious about improving your overall traffic, SEO is not something to neglect.

Once identified the most important and authoritative backlinks of your competitors, try to replicate them.

SEO tools like Monitor Backlinks.com can help you find the most important links your competitor has. It also sends you an email report every ten days, with all the backlinks they have earned recently.

Search through all the backlinks of your competitors and find new opportunities to gain valuable links to your website that will help you drive more traffic.

Don’t waste your time replicating low-quality links. Go only for the most important ones.

SEO Round Table

Identify popular organic keywords for your competition

Looking at your competitors backlinks is not all you have to do. You also have to check what keywords are driving them the most traffic from Google.

SemRush shows you the percentage of traffic sent by each keyword to a website.

Organic Search screenshot
Use the tool to create a list with new keywords opportunities. Write useful guides and tutorials on that topic and increase your chances to rank higher for the same terms.

Find sources of traffic of competitors

It’s critical to know what are the main sources of traffic for your competitors. It helps you discover new opportunities to increase your exposure and find the best practices.

SimilarWeb gives you insights about websites sources of traffic.

Traffic Sources Graphic

Collect email addresses

An email address is the most personal thing you can get from a visitor. Therefore, you should never spam your readers with useless announcements. Send only your best and exclusive content to your subscribers.

SumoMe.com has one of the best tools to help you collect your readers email addresses. Install the plugin on your website and activate the popup email collector. You can customize your message and colors.

Sumo Me pop up

If you are not a fan of popups, SumoMe also has a list builder plugin. This module appears on the right side of your website when the user scrolls down.

For best results, case studies show that a popup performs best when displayed after 5 seconds.

When to show Pop up graphic
Statistics also show that red is the color that converts best, followed by green and yellow.

Color of email submit button

One of the biggest business owners mistake is not collecting email addresses. Sure, social media is a great channel, and it’s great to increase your number of followers, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get more personal and get your readers email address.

Interact with blog comments

Your readers are extremely important, especially those that are writing blog comments on your website. Show them that their opinion matters. Write a reply to every comment they came.

By interacting with your readers, you make them feel important and give a reason to re-visit your website.

Participate in Q&A

There are numerous platforms where people ask questions and expect to get replies from knowledgeable specialists. Every day, thousands of questions are being posted on the internet.

Often check sites like Quora.com, Yahoo Answers or Answers.com to find more about people concerns and problems. Try to be helpful and give a quality and useful responses. If appropriate, you can also place a link to one of your articles, but do it only if related.

Use these platforms to build a reputation and drive relevant traffic.

Optimize images

While the traffic from Google images doesn’t convert as good as the regular organic traffic, it’s best to optimize your images.

If often happens that a webmaster finds an image through Google images search and links back to you, for being the source of that image.

A correct image optimization includes:

Keyword in image name
ALT attribute including keywords
Image description

Create infographics

Infographics are very popular right now. They are appreciated and shared by bloggers and important news websites all over the world.

Infographics are great because they provide statistics in an easy to digest visual format. You can use infographics to get backlinks to your website and drive traffic.

If design is not your greatest skill, you can hire freelancers on Fiverr, for as low as $5/infographic.

Even more, infographics are very popular on social media, especially on Pinterest.

Once an infographic goes viral, expect your traffic to grow considerably.

Write about controversial topics

People love participating in debates. For many, it’s hard to resist not to respond to a controversial post.

Find hot topics and trends on Twitter by checking the ‘trends module’.


You can also use Google Trends to find disputed ideas.


There are numerous ways to drive more traffic to your website. Always be on the look for new opportunities and promote your website on as many channels as possible.

Build a brand from your website and give your readers a reason to come back. Run as many tests as possible and identify what’s working best for you. Never stop testing.

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