What Blogging And Thanksgiving Have In Common And How To Avoid It

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What Blogging And Thanksgiving Have In Common And How To Avoid It

It is almost that time of year for many of us. For some it has already started.

That time of year where we get together with friends and family; While enjoying each other through our many different traditions and activities.

With that things have the potential to get difficult at times to keep your blogging activities where you need them to be.

This time of year you would think would be relaxing. We are off from our day jobs, businesses and so on.

It was the opposite for me not to long ago. My family and I would get invited to several different places each holiday.

It would be from people we cared about. So, we gladly accepted and appreciated the invite.

We would start late morning and begin making our rounds to each location. They were not all in the same neighborhood either.

We would spend half the day just driving back and forth. That in itself was exhausting but it was worth it after you made it there and started to enjoy yourself, while sampling the many different foods at each location.

By the time we reached our final stop, we were already tired and stuffed from eating so much. The festivities must go on!

We went in, had a good time and again, ate a little more even though our bellies were full a long time ago.

Ahhh, we are finally back home and able to just kick our feet up. Even though the day was full of many different stories, FOOD (sorry I’m a foodie and it wouldn’t be right for me not to All Caps it 🙂 ), fun, traveling and also exhaustion from all that went on during the day.

Thinking back on all those good times allowed me to realize the problem with what we were doing and how it also related to blogging!

What’s Common about Blogging and Thanksgiving

Making rounds and visiting my blogging neighbors, I noticed a trend that seems to be pretty common among bloggers.

We have a tendency to Over-Do it!

Just like our past Thanksgiving rounds, we didn’t have to go to all those different stops or eat even when we were not hungry. It was all in fun and what we did this time a year. I know I’m not the only one that has put on that dreaded holiday weight!

Rightfully so, it is easy to understand why bloggers tend to be on the go all the time. Blogging simply takes up a lot of our time.

We end up wiring ourselves with the mindset of pushing on because there is always something to do!

This can be a good thing and also something that can hinder our growth at the same time. Working yourself so much can often lead to burn out. It has happened to me and plenty of others.

You don’t always burn out permanently but burning out. At any point this is dangerous because you never truly know when you will get back into your routine.

It may not seem like it but once you break routine, it is much harder to get back to it.

We have to learn how and when to take time off in order to help us continue to grow.

How Do You Know It Is Time To Take A Break From Blogging

One of the most important things you can do in this situation is to pay attention to your habits. Your body will tell you that it is time to change-up your routine or take a step back.

We just have to allow ourselves to be open to receiving what our body is telling us.

Often times we get so caught up on the end results and not realize we are doing more harm than good, by not paying attention to whats happening right now.

For example, you find yourself focusing on social media because you are low on social media followers or working hard to find tips to get better results from search engines. Both are necessary but burning out and neglecting them completely will not get us to were we want to be.

Ask yourself these questions:

Are You getting Frustrated With Your Everyday Blogging Task?

One thing we know as bloggers is that we cannot avoid problems. We do all we can to prevent them but they will eventually find us.

So if you find yourself getting overly frustrated with common things like finding the right plugins, dealing with those annoying spammers or doing basic marketing of your content.

This could be a sign that you need to recharge before it’s to late.

Are You Spending Less And Less Time On Your Blog?

We have a lot to do to maintain our blogs. One easy way to realize you are getting burned out is by simple not putting in the time you use too.

If you find yourself letting other things get in the way of growing your blog then it maybe time for that break.

Not saying you shouldn’t have a life outside your blog. You will know the difference when you know you have work to be done but your rather watch TV or just surf the web instead of getting your work done.

We all have these days but if you find that these days are coming often and more frequently than normal. It is time you take a serious look at why this is happening before that flame totally burns out.

Are The Quality Of Your Post Starting To Drop?

I personally think it is good to switch things up. Yes, there are definitely ways to get better results out of your content. Such as getting more social shares, better search engine results and drive more traffic to your blog.

At the same time, having short and sweet post or infographics are a good way to switch things up a bit on your blog.

The problem comes where you find your self just cranking out post just to have something to publish. You start neglecting the important things that really help your post stay visible for a longer period of time.

Our content is one area we should work hard to not let the quality slip. If you notice this, then look at resolving this sooner than later.

You Feel Obligated To Continue?

We do everything to protect our blog. We came up with the idea, made the necessary purchases, design and began publishing content on it.

Regardless of the objective, we started our blog for ourselves. Even if we plan to grow it and sell it. It is still for your benefit.

When we get to the point where you are maintaining your blog for others, this is not a good sign. Our main focus should be on serving our visitors but when we do it just because of them, that is a problem worth looking into.

You have to remember what you wanted and the goals you set for you and your blog. When what you wanted is not important and it is just for others, it may be a good idea to take a step back and recharge.

I know with everything I have going on, every 3 months or so I need to take time off. That doesn’t necessarily mean a full vacation but I know I need several days to recharge without blogging. That is on top of the day, maybe two I give myself during the week.

Even if I’m not at the computer blogging my mind is definitely still there!

When Is The Best Time To Take A Break

It would be nice if these type of questions have a generic answer that we all can use. When to take a break from blogging is totally up to you to decide.

The best thing you can do is pay attention to your habits and be aware if you are experiencing anything that was listed above.

This was one topic I originally never paid attention too. This was my blog. I am working toward growing my brand and becoming a better writer and so on. I don’t need breaks!

That was certainly not the case. We all will get to the point of exhaustion and sooner or later will need to take a break.

This is completely fine! There is nothing wrong with taking a break. The goal is to take an effective break.

You don’t want to come back from your break stressing about all that you now need to get done. You want to come back with a fresh start and not with the feeling of having too much work to catch up on.

It is all about strategically taking your break and coming back refreshed and ready to get back on the grind!

Steps That Help You Effectively Take Time Off

All hope is not lost. You absolutely can take a break from blogging and it not hurt your current efforts and overall goal.

Below, are several options for you to consider to help you with taking some time off.

Have Extra Blog Post Saved In Your Drafts

It can be hard to find the time to get those extra post ready to go. It is beneficial to find a strategy that will allow you to have a couple of quality blog post saved to your drafts for those unpredictable moments.

This is a great way to take the pressure off of feeling the need to always write in order to have post to publish. You may find that just taking a break from creating a new post, allowing to work on other aspects is all you need.

Having a few saved post will make this decision much easier to make short notice.

Publish Round Ups

This is effective because it is a quick way to create posts without having to come up with content on your own.

Reach out to Authority bloggers and bloggers you have a relationship with and request their opinion on a particular topic.

You will share tons of valuable content for your readers with minimal work on your part.

A great example of this is a recent post by Marc Andre from Profit Bllitz. He was able to create an excellent post by simply reaching out to other bloggers.

Profit Blitz Monetization Strategies

I couldn’t mention publishing round ups without mentioning one of the best. Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe, publishes weekly round ups that I really enjoy called the “Weekly Marketing Skinny”.

She simply takes several of the post she reads throughout the week and compile them in order to help us stay on top of the forever changing web.

Accept Guest Posts

This is another easy way to get fresh content for your blog with little work on your part. Reach out and ask someone to create a post for you.

Try to get it a week or so before you want to publish. It allows you to add your intro or whatever else you want to do with your post.

Then schedule it for whatever day your want to publish it. If you require it, your guest poster will also be there to respond to comments so your blog will not look deserted.

Automate Your Social Media Activities

I’m not saying completely turn over you social media activities to a bot or website. I am saying utilizing tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Do Share etc to help keep your accounts up to date while you take your break.

I have to mention a service Viral Tag which I first learned about from pro blogger Pauline Cabrera of Twelve Skip. If you are not aware about the importance visual content plays on social media now. Viral Tag makes the sharing and scheduling process simple!

Be careful when using these services though. They all are not created equal. Just because you can use one of these services to post 10 times a day on Twitter doesn’t mean you should do the same on Facebook.

Final Thoughts

Taking breaks are an important part of anything that we do. We are wired to need rest at a certain point.

As long as we are doing it in a way that is not hurting our efforts.

One of the best I have seen take a vacation and not even seem to miss a beat was Harleena Singh of Aha Now. For another look at some other helpful tips at taking a break, take a look at her post, How To Take A Break From Blogging.

With the holidays coming up for many, I hope this finds you at the right time and give you what you need to take a break from blogging, recharge and come back better than ever!

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