There are a lot of services that claim to increase your social media engagement. The question is, if you buy Twitter followers or Facebook Likes, will it be beneficial for the cost.

With the time that should be invested in social media, it’s no wonder why some may decide to pay for social media engagement, instead of spending the hours, days, weeks, months to build a large following. It can take just as long to build a following that actually shares, Likes, Retweets, Pins your posts.

To save time, it may seem like a good idea to pay one of these services to add 100 to 1,000 followers or more. Maybe even add some Likes or Pins to your Facebook and Pinterest accounts. Why not pay this small fee and get results that could take you month’s to get on your own.

That’s what I have been researching a couple of months back. I have been picking several different social media platforms and ran tests to see if what they offer is worth what’s delivered.

Below you will see my findings, which actually had the same results no matter which service or which platform they serviced.

How These Services Work

These services work mainly in one or two ways.The first way is by paying them a set amount to deliver a certain amount of engagement. Ex. Pay $5 for 100 Twitter followers or pay $10 for 1,500 credits towards Facebook page Likes.

The second way is that you get rewarded with engagement for engagement. If you share a post for someone, you will get a post of yours shared or Follow a member and you’ll get followed by someone else. There may be a couple of variations to how you get reciprocated but it all boils down to you have to do “This” to get “That”!

Do these services Work

If you pay for a certain amount for Followers, they “will” deliver the specified amount of Followers to you in the specified time. If you Follow someone new, you “will” get a new Follower as well. In saying that, these services actually do exactly what they say they will do.

It seems you don’t have to worry about them not delivering BUT there are still some catches that you need to know about. It’s important to know these catches before you decide whether or not you will use them.

Have you used a service that did not deliver on what they said they will do?

Why you shouldn’t Buy Twitter Followers or Facebook Likes

The results do not last

Yes, if you pay for 1,000 Twitter followers, you will get 1,000 followers but they all will not stay. Over time you will notice that you will slowly continue to lose Followers, Likes etc. In that 6 week period of time, I lost about 35% of all followers gained. After a quick pop in on that account, they were still decreasing after the 7th week as well.

They are all NOT real accounts

As part of what I did through that time period was go into many of the accounts that connected with me. Regardless of what they say, all the accounts that Like, Follow you are not real accounts. One give away is that many of the accounts that connected with mine didn’t have a profile picture. Another give away was that the accounts only had maybe two post on them from weeks ago when the account was created.

In the next sections, I’ll explain why this is not good for your social media goals.

They are only for show

After you get the amount of Followers or Likes you want, you will get nothing else out of them. You will have 1,000 Followers that will not share, Retweet or mention you because of the reasons listed above. Having followers for show will not be beneficial if there is no real engagement.

Think of buying Followers and Likes as if you were going to by a family size bag of chips. Oh, this bag is so big and I’m going to be snacking on chips for a while. Then you open the bag and it was mostly filled with air to appear fuller. Now you may be a little disappointed that you didn’t get the amount of chips you were hoping for. Or maybe that’s just me 🙂

In other words, if you buy Twitter followers or Facebook Likes, it will be a waste of time and/ or finances that could be used in other areas.

It Is Considered Spam By Social Media Sites

Using these types of services can really harm your brand. If it is determined that you are using these services you could be labeled as a spammer.

The problem with that is, if they put restrictions on your account, when your brand really does start to grow organically, you may lose out on real Followers. Real followers can become visitors to your website, then subscribers to your mailing list and ultimately long-term customers!

When you use any service where the word “Spam” can be associated with them, you should use with extreme caution. I recommend you not use them at all.


These services are only for the appearance of having social influence. You will get as much or as little as you want but there is no real value if you buy Twitter followers or Facebook Likes. There is an excellent post by Adrienne Smith called “The Dirty Little Secret To Big Brand Twitter Followers” which you should read as well.

Having engagement with your Followers is now more important than ever. Now on a small-scale, Google will eventually be using these social signals as a “large” factor in determining where to rank you in search results. Your website and social media presence thrives on interaction and real engagement.

Having 100 followers from these services, isn’t worth 1 Follower that actually Retweets and mentions your post’s on a regular basis. There is no better engagement that comes from Building Relationships online with your Followers. They will be the ones who will want to continuously share your content.

Social Media is about being “Social” and “Interacting” with others. There is no real substitute for putting in the necessary time needed to actively grow a solid social media presence.

Did you ever buy Twitter Followers or Facebook likes? What were your results?

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