One of the top goals for any website, is to increase search traffic as soon as possible.

There are plenty of things that we can do to increase our organic traffic like Good Keyword Research, White Hat SEO tactics, Quality Content, Quality Backlinks, having a strong Social Media presence, Building Relationships and so on.

Using these techniques successfully takes continued effort, with plenty of time investment.

There is a set it and forget it type of way where you can spend 15-20 minutes and continue to draw in more traffic to your website.

You don’t need to know any coding, pay for another service or use another WordPress plugin.

Hmm, does it sound simple enough? Lets look at the Why’s and How’s .

Increase Search Traffic By Getting Verified By McAfee and Norton
McAfee and Norton are the two most popular security technology companies in the world. With McAfee being the largest, Norton is trailing behind with more than 40 million users!

That’s a lot of users that put there trust into these services to protect their computers from security threats.

If you wanted to purchase something online and you’re using McAfee, which symbol would you rather have associated with the site you are planning to click on…
I’m pretty sure you would choose the green check mark. If you were to click on the report associated with the green check mark it would say, “This link is safe. We tested it and didn’t find any significant security issues”.

Here’s a quick look at my findings:

Using McAfee, when I searched for an term using Google search 95% of the first 3 results had a green check mark. 80% of the first 5 results had green checks and 70% of the time, 7 out of 10 results had green check marks on the entire 1st page.

This was using multiple terms with various local monthly searches per keyword planner ranging from 480 to upwards of 60,000 searches. These terms included location specific terms as well.

There are plenty of Authority sites that inform us of the difficulty of running a successful long-term online business without increasing your organic search traffic.

A/ B Test ran by McAfee showed that having the green check mark associated with your site, can increase search results by 12%. That is not including the green OK for Norton users.

Proving that by simply submitting and verifying your website, you can increase your search results with little time and no monetary investment.

Even though I was not able to determine exact figures on how much Norton boosts search traffic. In looking at McAfee’s numbers and the amount of users on Norton, having both verified can give you well over a 12% increase.

That is, if you do not have any significant security issues on your website. Before you submit your site for verification, make sure you have your security checks where they need to be.

I’ll go into How and then go into Why later in post.
How To Get Verified By McAfee
Step 1

McAfee does randomly check websites all the time. So, I would first check to see if you have already been tested.

Place your website here to see if it has been tested. If you already have the Green check mark your good to go.

If you have the Yellow Exclamation mark or Red X, you should take immediate action and try to find what security problems may be giving you this rating. After you have resolved the problems follow the steps below to get re verified.

Step 2

Below your rating you will see a “Request a Review” button. Click on that button and you will be taken to the “Request a Review” page.

mcafee ownership request a review

Step 3

Without needing to register, you can just fill out all the fields on the form. When complete you will be placed in a queue.

mcafee request a review page increase search traffic

I was not able to confirm the average amount of time it takes for them to review you site.

Additional Step If Needed

It was taking a little longer than I wanted to get verified. I decided to contact them on their Contact Us page (US).

Be sure to select “Dispute a Website URL or Classification” in the subject line drop down menu.

Mcafee contact us page increase search traffic

With a few back and forth emails, High Powered SEO, was classified as being safe and received the Green Check mark 🙂 .

How to Get Verified With Norton
Step 1

Norton is a little different and you have to verify ownership of your site before it is tested.
Step 2

Hover over your profile name in top right hand corner of screen and click “My Profile”.
Step 3

Click on “Site Dispute” located in the center of the screen to the left.

Verifiy website with norton increase search traffic Site dispute

Step 4

Click on “Add Site” and add your website details.

verify norton site ownership add site

Step 5

Click on “Verify Your Site”.

Verifiy website with norton increase search traffic verify your site

Step 6

Choose which method you would prefer to use to verify your site. You can choose “Meta Tag” or “Upload HTML file” options.

Verifiy website with norton increase search traffic meta or html

After you have made your choice and followed the instructions Click on the “Verify Now button.

Final Step

Click on “Rate My Site”.

verify Norton site ownership rate my site

Norton said that it takes up to 2 weeks to Classify your site after you have completed the verification process.

This is an easy way to connect with your potential visitors before they click on your link.

They put their trust in this software to protect their computer from threats. It is like getting a referral from a person you trust or “that guy” over there .

Personally, I have never clicked on a site that was classified as “Suspicious” or “Dangerous” by McAfee.

Especially, A site where I am looking to make a purchase of some sort. Which also shows that getting a positive classification from these security giants can possibly increase conversions as well.

Any positive feedback is worth it when it comes to building a credible website. For the time investment, I think it is worth it to get your site verified.

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