8 Tips That Will Help Your Content Survive Longer

8 Tips Content Survive Longer 2

There was a time where I had the “If you build it, they will come” type of attitude. I worked hard to produce interesting content. After clicking publish, becoming obsessed with checking my stats to see if people started visiting my blog.

Excitement would be high for a couple of days after my post was published. I was getting visitors and a few social shares. For me as a new blog and blogger at the time, 3 social media shares that are not my own might as well have been 3,000!

Then the heart ache starts to set in on the second or third day when your blog begins to get little, to no activity. All that work and time you put in on your post seems to be going nowhere.

Feeling helpless in the attempt to build a successful blog, knowing you need traffic to go with your content. Further validating that your efforts are starting to pay off.

With these 8 tips below, there is no need to feel helpless. You now will get what you need to develop a clear direction on how to get your content to survive in this sea of information.

How To Extend The Life Of Our Content Through Your Content

1) Lend Us Your Voice

Even though the trend is starting to shift some, there is no denying that without having great content, more likely than not, we will have limited success.

You have to find your voice and share it in a way that is authentic to you. Once you have found your voice, putting them down with several key principles can take your content to the next level.

Adam Connell is very effective at creating content and well-respected in the blogoshpere. If you are wondering what are the key principles that was mentioned above, Adam has you covered. In his post he shares 8+ powerful blogging tips that will get you mind blowing results from every blog post you publish!

2) Make It Easy For Us To Discover Your Past Creations

Optimizing your website is important part getting the most out of our sites. Interlinking your posts is one of the best ways to keep our older content alive.

There are several benefits to interlinking your web pages. Problogger has an informative post by Daniel Vassiliou on why interlinking your blog post is a must!

I recommend going back and strategically interlinking your post. If you have been blogging for a while or have too much on your plate already, there are some plugins that can help make this easier for you.

3) Leave Us Wanting To Know More

Headlines are the number one source in determining the success of our promotion efforts. When someone tweets your content, others see your headline. If it is up to par, you will get retweets, click-throughs etc.

Same goes for just about every other social platform out there. We have to put a lot of focus into our headlines in order to make our content a success.

I would like to spotlight one of the best headlines I’ve seen this week. It instantly made me want to see what this post was all about. Let me know if Mi Muba’s headline on ‘100 Seductive Ways To Get More Comments On Your Blog‘ did the same to you?

I have a post that will go well with this section. I will share with you 25 tips and resources for writing click worth headlines. It will give you all the ammunition you need to create spotlight worthy headlines today.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Content Through Promotion

This is now a crucial part of getting our content circulating the web and bringing more visitors to your site. There are plenty of different ways to promote your content.

The trick is to find the best strategy that works for you. We can’t be everywhere but with the right tools and targeting the right platforms. Our content can continue to bring us traffic month after month.

4) The People Following You Are Not Stalkers

This is an obvious choice for sure but one that has to be mentioned. Social media can bring plenty of traffic to our sites. Pinterest still sends traffic to my blog from pins that happened month’s ago.

Do you get the amount of social shares your happy with?

Maybe making a few changes in your social media strategy can help. Simply changing the time you tweet or even the format of your tweets can get you more shares.

Rebekah Radice has an excellent post that will give you 10 steps to a solid social media strategy. These tips are solid and from someone who gets thousands of shares per posts. Needless to say, Rebekah knows how to develop a solid social media strategy!

5) It’s Not Dial Up, Dial Up The Communication

These people joined your email list because they saw value in something you were sharing. We should utilize this list or build it up as much as possible.

It can be difficult to get readers to find enough reason to sign up for your email list. There are plenty of different methods and options out there.

Marc Andre recently shared an amazing list of 15 WordPress plugins for growing your email list. He in detail explains why these 15 WordPress plugins will help you increase your subscriber count. If you need help in this area, I’m sure that Marc who has effectively created and sold websites for thousands, can teach you a thing or two.

6) Leave The Techie Stuff For Someone Else

Don’t get intimidated by the term SEO. It is a complicated, time-consuming and tedious aspect of getting better search engine rankings, right? Well that is not completely true.

We could go through all of the different levels of SEO from finding the right keywords to gaining backlinks but I want to share with you a different approach to building a solid SEO strategy.

Mathew Woodward, built a Top 100 blog in only 12 months! He took plenty of the more technical, complicated aspects of SEO and threw them right out the window. The great thing about Mathew’s strategy is he did it in a way that we all can start to implementing and probably already do, right now!

7) If The Techie Stuff Is For You

Backlinks are a huge factor in SEO. The better the quality, the better your Search Engine Rankings.

With that said, you have to be very strategic in how you acquire backlinks because they can harm you as well. When link building, you should follow the best practices and not over do your efforts.

Brian Dean, who is internationally recognized entrepreneur and SEO expert, has put together one of the best guides I have seen about Backlinks. He shares with you a 9 Chapter Link building Guide that will get you all the information needed to get more and better quality backlinks.

8) Your Not The Only One That Might Like ‘You’

A key component that seems to be left out of the promotion strategy is building relationships with other bloggers.

When you think about how and why to build relationships online with bloggers, know that this one tip puts every other tip listed in the promotion section in overdrive.

We have so much to do when effectively growing our online presence. We should use every avenue possible that will help us with our efforts. These relationships help when you know you can depend on your online friends to help you spread the word about your content.

Is there any tips you would add to this list?


  1. says

    That’s great,
    Content will be buried under your new blog posts. Optimizing the old blog posts, updating them for better exposure matters a lot.

    Keeping your own content updated and evergreen helps you to escape from the Google Caffeine update.

    I liked the way in which you stressed the importance of interlinking of blog posts. Interlinking of blog posts also helps in passing some page rank juice to older blog posts and thus increasing organic traffic.

    Retweeting old blog posts also helps a lot.

    • says

      Hi Akshay,

      Yeah, our content can start losing steam pretty quickly. Optimizing doesn’t take to much time and something we should incorporate for sure.

      We should definitely keep our content up to date. I recently noticed some post I wrote a year ago getting some traction again. So that is surely on my plan to get that one updated. It surely isn’t an evergreen topic and I know it can use a freshening up.

      Interlinking is an easy way to get some traction on older content. That post I mentioned above is most likely get some click throughs from other post. How ever we can get more readers interested in our content is OK with me. The search traffic is just an added bonus.

      Thanks for stopping by Akshay!

  2. Brian Dean says

    Great insights, Steven.

    My feeling about SEO is exactly the same as yours: it gives your content a longer lifespan.

    I mean, what’s the point of publishing a post if it’s never going to be seen again after a few months?

    Awesome post and thanks for the mention 🙂

    • says

      Hi Brian,

      I totally agree! We put a lot of time and effort into what we do online. I want my content to be around as long as possible.

      I enjoy these tips because for the most part you have to focus on the reader. Focusing on the reader and building those relationships will get us the loyal readers and put less dependency on Search.

      No problem Brian! I appreciate you stopping by.

      Have a great weekend!

  3. says

    Hey Steven,

    Another great content I have found from your blog. You have discussed some necessary methods to survive your content longer. Catchy title, social media sharing etc. really good tips. It’s very true that content can bring lots of visitors for your blog. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. says

    Hi Steven

    It is an excellent approach to make your each post last long instead of just adding another and bury the previous one under it.

    For this just managing your posting schedule is required. One needs to make a quite rational schedule which one can afford easily.

    It is a widely famous quote; quality never comes frequently; if it does, it becomes quantity and nothing else.

    All the tips you mentioned are very interesting and also you pointed them with very appealing phrases instead of putting the stereotyped headings.

    The first tip is the life and blood of this whole package of creating the post that survives for a longer period of time.

    If contents are good people read them. If contents are great people share them. If contents are excellent people keep sharing them. So point one lay the strong foundation to create an unforgettable post.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post that I am dead sure will survive for quite a longer period of time.

    Also big thanks for mention.

    Have a great weekend.

    • says

      Hi Mi Muba,

      I agree that coming up with a good posting, promotion etc strategy is important!

      Everything needs to be prioritized and done with purpose. From experience, sitting down at the computer saying, “Ill do this and this today”, can be very counterproductive in our efforts.

      I have not heard that quote before but I like it! It’s very true.

      Just pushing a ton of content is mainly good for search engines but we know where that could get us with a quick update!

      I appreciate that Mi Muba. I wanted to do something a little different. We see topics that just say ‘Social Media’ all the time. I’m glad you can appreciate it.

      I am with you on creating the unforgettable post. It is easier said than done for sure but as long as we stay true to ourselves we are on the right track. Our audience will be the one to determine if it is a ‘Hit’ or ‘Miss’. Creating more ‘Hits’ is always the goal.

      Your welcome for the mention! Yeah, I will work towards making this one hang around for a while!

      Have a great weekend Mi Muba.

  5. says

    Hey Steven,

    Great post.

    That point about “Leave Us Wanting More” is spot on. Whether it’s with the headline or the actual post. And Mi Muba’s post is a real seductive title that anybody would click on for sure.

    “We have to put a lot of focus into our headlines in order to make our content a success.” Ain’t that the truth.

    Lastly, the point about finding your voice is really true. I only recently found and embraced my own unique voice probably 6 weeks ago or so and it drastically changed things for me.

    Excellent post. Hope you have a great weekend.

    – Andrew

    • says

      Hey Andrew,

      We definitely have to find a way leave our readers wanting more of what we have to share. If we acheive that, we get the click, the subscribers, the sales and so on.

      That is awesome that you found your voice. I’m glad we recently connected and I get to continue to see your continued growth! I would have ever know you just found your voice! Your post and comments are always on point.

      I have found mine not to long ago. I wanted to make some changes on my site by now but life happened. It set me back a couple months but I have several drafts read for relaunch and will be finishing up some design changes soon. Looking forward to unleashing it all real soon!

      Have a great rest of the weekend Andrew! I appreciate you stopping by.

  6. says

    Hey Steven. I’m enjoying reading the links you shared in this post. Makes for a more interesting Saturday morning while I drink my coffee. 🙂

    I’ve mainly concentrated on SEO for most of my marketing life. I think it’s probably the most effective in terms of keeping your content “alive” for the long term. Of course, it probably takes the most effort to do as well and you’re always at the mercy of Google.

    Anyway, have a great weekend Steven!

    • says

      Hey Josh,

      I’m glad you are finding the links useful. I enjoyed all of them myself and hoped others would appreciate them as well.

      SEO is certainly an affective way of keeping your content alive. For the most part SEO is also a pretty confusing topic and ever changing as well. That’s why I kinda stayed away from to much with the SEO side of things.

      We sure are at the mercy of Google! The little guys seem to get hit the hardest too! After focusing on a lot of SEO in the past I shifted more of my focus on the relationship building side of things. Now there is some SEO things that we can’t ignore but a solid friendship will always be Google proof 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Josh!

  7. says

    Hi Steven,

    Such a great post.:)

    For bloggers, writers, Entrepreneurs and many more creating a content which can last longer is a challenge. they try their best to boost up their business and blog.

    The tips you have given are really awesome and need to be followed by all the bloggers.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Have a nice weekend.:)


    • says

      Hi Ravi,

      It is definitely a big challenge for us to keep our content alive. It takes a lot of work on our part as far as marketing etc. These tips can help take some of the work off us by keeping themselves circulating as much as possible.

      I appreciate the kind words Ravi!

      Have a great week!

  8. says

    Hi Steven.

    Thanks for a really helpful post – I certainly have a lot of related reading to do!

    I know one of the major things I need to concentrate on is SEO. It’s no longer build and they will come, as you say, you also need to shout about it and SEO is a part of that I guess. But again, like you, I have stayed away from it because I find it confusing and moves with such a fast pace by the time I have learnt one thing, it has been replaced by something new.

    It’s a great idea to go over older posts and update and refresh them.

    I have some posts out there that even I forgot about – so if I have forgot about it other people have forgot about it a long time ago!

    Thanks Steven!

    • says

      Hi Richard,

      Yeah that’s the thing about SEO, it evolves so quickly and it sometime evolves to quickly. These experts come out with there predictions about whats coming and we start to adapt them only to find that it is not what we thought it was going to be and so on.

      This is why I shifted my focus on relationship building for SEO. We get plenty of the same benefits of chasing backlinks etc and it’s Google Proof!

      I think updating our post is important also mainly because of our growth. We read and grow everyday. So that post that you did a year ago can touch what you can do today and it’s probably best that we keep our content as consistent as possible.

      I appreciate you Richard!

  9. says

    Hi Steven,

    Informative post indeed 🙂

    I enjoyed the way you described your points and gave us so many links to other awesome blogs. I surely am bookmarking this page and would come back to later, once I am back from my Dad’s place, around the middle of this month.

    Great resource for everyone here, and thanks for sharing it with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • says

      Hey Harleena,

      I appreciate you stopping by even though you have other things going on. The links are really great and informative on each topic for sure.

      Enjoy your stay and talk to you soon!

  10. says

    Hey Steven,

    Getting your content to stretch farther is definitely a must for bloggers. Oftentimes, the best thing we’ve written isn’t the MOST RECENT thing we’ve written, it’s something we’ve written weeks or months ago. Finding ways to bring back those great posts from the past (such as interlinking your latest posts with them) is a great (and forgotten) strategy!

    Thanks for yet another great post, Steven.

    – Kevin

    • says

      Hey Kevin,

      Right, If it was only possible to publish a home run every time 🙂

      I have been very strategic when I’m interlinking and it seems to be working well. All about the key words. It does seem to be a strategy that is overlooked by many.

      You either see a ton of interlinking in some post or none at all. It is a strategy I plan to continue to use for the long haul for sure.

      Thanks and always appreciate you stopping by Kevin!

  11. says

    Hey Steven,

    Those are all really awesome suggestions. I agree with them all so spot on.

    I had to laugh because in the post I wrote just today I shared my traffic stats with my readers as far as which traffic sources were bringing in the most traffic and it’s still the search engines although I don’t write for them. So finding your voice and sharing your own unique experiences with your audience I think have a lot to do with that. So you know I’m all for that.

    All of your suggestions are great and the links you shared to the other posts really did fit well. I’ve read a few of them but could always brush up on more. I think I might have to load some of them up and take another look.

    Thank you for giving us that boost that some of us really do need.

    Hope you enjoy your week and great to see you again.


    • says

      Hey Adrienne,

      I bet that would shock a lot of folks. It would have shocked me not to long ago.

      That further shows that traffic and backlinks are huge factors when ranking in search engines.

      Relationship building can in fact get us there for the most part. There are some things we can’t neglect but in my opinion, relationship building is definitely a more appealing way to optimize 🙂

      As always, I really appreciate you stopping by Adrienne!

  12. says

    All great strategies to keep your content alive Steven. And you’ve got some awesome shares here. I’ll be reading for awhile 🙂

    Your post is a testimony to how much goes into not only delivering good content but keeping it alive and what you need to do to achieve those things.

    Communication and connection with others is so key online. Sharing your experiences, your opinions and failings keep readers coming back for more.

    One of the things I’ve been doing a lot of is re-writing many of my posts. Since I’ve been blogging for about 10 years a lot of my posts have become obsolete, so I’ve been refreshing them a bit. It brings new life to the post and of course brings it into the present day.

    Thanks again for all these resources. I look forward to reading them.


    • says

      Hey Liz,

      So many really have no idea what it takes to be a blogger and all the little elements that create a blog. It takes a lot of work to create and keep our content alive for sure.

      I am an advocate for relationship building. We get so much from it and it really just keeps things interesting as well.

      I think that is a great idea going back and updating older post. I just did one from about a year ago because it started to get some traction again after all this time. It was a post on backlinks. We know how often things change in the world of SEO so I jumped on getting that one updated quick!

      I say that to say, I was very amused by the post since my writing has evolved so much in just a year. I literally doubled the post after subtracting some things and updating a lot of it. I can say it did bring new life to and I enjoy it much more. I plan to start making it a weekly thing to go back and update older post to keep things fresh and current as much as possible.

      I’m glad to see you here Liz! Have a good rest of the week 🙂

  13. says

    Hello, Steven!

    Excellent post! Here is a lot of food for reflection. It takes some time to read all these recommended posts.
    I agree with the point how important to build your online presence via good relationships with other bloggers. That’s what most of successful bloggers should do.
    Of course, creating your own style of writing takes time and efforts before you start writing your branded posts. But I realy love your manner of typing. Simple and logical for reading.

    I guess you’ve provided good resources for long-term content surviving. Thanks!

    • says

      Hey thanks Irina!

      Relationship building is huge and has plenty of benefits. We can accomplish so much from connecting with others.

      When I started to take serious action in my relationship building efforts, my blog has continued to move in a positive direction at a much better rate. It is definitely something that all bloggers should add to their strategy for sure!

      Our style does take time indeed! My take on that is, its all about progression. As long as you right whole heartedly, people will still appreciate what you have to say until you develop your own style. My writing has evolved so much in just the last year. All we can really do is continue to write and it will come to us.

      I’m glad you enjoyed to post Irina! I appreciate you stopping by.

  14. says

    Hi Steven,

    I used to have that attitude in the very beginning also so I can relate to what you’re saying. I didn’t understand all the work that needed to be done in order to syndicate published content.

    I was also very excited to get any shares at all in the beginning and then sad after the few shares and traffic ceased… You’re right, there is no need to feel helpless.

    Producing great content is definitely a necessary component to the whole, I agree wholeheartedly! Authenticity is important and learning what our voice is can be a bit overwhelming, at least it was for me in the beginning.

    I completely agree with the importance of interlinking posts, and as I update old blog posts, I make sure to do this before updating.

    I’ll have to check out Rebekah’s post because I would like to improve my soil media strategy for sure. Yeah, it’s good advice to be careful with back links. I just finished disavowing two sites that had back linked to me that were questionable… Not a fun thing to do, but absolutely necessary.

    Yes, building relationships is a definite essential part of sharing the good stuff – when there’s a buzz about it, it naturally gets shared, so just getting the ball rolling is enough on social media sometimes.

    Love the friends I’ve made in the last 6 months especially, as I’ve come across some awesome people with integrity, like yourself, who share really great content.

    Gonna share right now! Thanks so much for posting this awesome article with terrific references to other fantastic bloggers.

    Have a good evening.
    – Carol

    • says

      Hey Carol,

      Seems like we had similar experiences when we first started blogging. There is a lot that goes into blogging that I don’t think many realize.

      Yeah, Rebekah shares some great information for sure. You could learn a lot about social media from here.

      My blogging journey took me to new hieghts once I started to do more relationship building. I understand why some don’t really focus on this side of things to much. Until I started to take relationship building serious, is when I really started to understand what you can get out of it.

      I to appreciate the relationships I have built recently. I am glad to say you are one of them 🙂 In a short period of time I can tell I will learn a lot from you! This is just the beginning!

      Thanks for the share and I’ll be in touch!

  15. says

    Hi Admin ! Don’t you Think There are already many Tips & Tricks about Content But I like this post about Content ! Actually Content is a Baby Game it’s art ! Which hasn’t to all people ! Only few people do well understand about Content ! I Appreciate this Post… Thanks Admin !!!

    • says

      Hi Monika,

      Yes, there are plenty of post about content. With so many low quality post out there, I think content post are still very relevant! You are right it is an art and like every other art we have to keep practicing and producing to get better.

      I appreciate you stopping by Monika! Have a good rest of the week!

  16. says

    Hi Steven.

    You’ve shared some awesome tips in this post – thank you.

    In tip #2 you said “there are some plugins that can help make this easier for you”.

    Can you share these plugins with us?

    I like to use WP popular posts to display the most popular content (no there’s a surprise, lol)in my sidebar. Not only does it keep my popular content popular, I can see at a glance what topics interest my readers the most.

    I keep meaning to put related posts at the end of my content, but I’ve not found a plugin I like yet!

    Now then, headlines. This is something I’ve working hard to improve, and my writing. Hard work, but worth the effort.

    You’re right, content is no longer king, promotion is…

    But creating quality content is definitely right up there in my list of priority tasks. Without it, visitors won’t stick around and find value in what we have to offer. Quality content can do our marketing for us – but we must find our unique voice, like you say.

    I’ve bookmarked the recommended reading you shared in tip #8. Right now I’m working aggressively on blogger outreach because I fully understand the importance to building trusted relationships.

    In fact, through blogger outreach I’ve seen a massive increase in sales (with less traffic). In my honest opinion, tip #8 should be a priority task for anyone serious about building a successful blog.

    Keep up the good work Steven and have a wonderful day!


    • says

      Hey Kerry,

      Yes, there is “yet another related post plugin” where a list of related post can be placed on you sidebar or under your post. You mentioned you haven’t found a plugin you like yet, have you tried this one?

      I have not used it personally but many recommend “SEO Smart Links”. It takes keywords you select and automatically interlinks it to the post of your choice.

      I like WordPress popular post as well. It works well and has never given me any problems.

      I agree that we should take our content seriously. It is a beautiful thing when you wake up and find that you are getting a ton of shares and views and you didn’t even get a chance to do much promotion yet. Quality content does some great things for us.

      There are so many benefits to tip 8. I have seen my blog go to another level when I began to take blogger outreach seriously. So I definitely agree that it should be high on the priority list.

      Thanks Kerry and you have a good rest of the week!

  17. says

    Hi Steven,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your opinion on Content creation…

    I believe you are absolutely right about all the points… I think you can also take a look at this following points:

    1. Use synonyms for your primary keyword inside your articles and Alt Tags.
    2. Use search query terms inside your article.

    I have done an experiment on Zero Backlinks Vs Quality content and you can see my YouTube video proof where I have shown that just by creating meaningful content I am ranking higher for my articles without any backlinks…


    • says

      Hi Karmakar,

      Oh yes, those two tips could surely be added to the list. Using targeted keywords and variations of our target keyword is good for SEO for sure.

      That’s an interesting experiment! I will search for it. Traffic and backlinks are huge factors in SERP’s. So I guess traffic takes the lead as being the key thing determining how valuable our content is to rankings.

      Thanks for sharing this interesting info Karmakar!

  18. says

    Hi Steven,

    It is important to have our content survive longer. I like interlinking past posts. This is something I have recently put into action. As long as it is not done to often, it gives our older posts a chance to be seen.

    To get more comments is to give more comments to others. I find that the more I give, people find me on the comment section of someone’s blog, like what I had said and came over to my blog.

    I do believe that comments are such an important part of the blogging world. And yes, some people will like us and some won’t. As long as we have this mindset, and are not taking things on a personal level, all is well.

    We cannot please all of the people all of the time, but some of the people some of the time!

    I just love all the people you have mentioned here and linked to. It is amazing how much we can learn from each other.

    Thanks Steven for an awesome post!


    • says

      Hey Donna,

      I agree with you on the blog commenting part. I can guarantee that that method works because I found you by see your comments on other blogs. I found Adrienne Smith the same way!

      I think most of us start intending to please and appeal to everyone in our niche but that’s just not the case. It can be hard but you are right, not taking it personal is the best way to handle it. There are others out there that appreciate what we have to say and that is who our focus should be on.

      Thanks for stopping by Donna!

  19. says

    Hey Steven,

    You provided us with some great resources on getting our content to survive longer.

    One thing I notice with me is when I started using more SEO and more interlinking my traffic started increasing each week. I was quite surprise and the funny thing is that I was leaving comments a lot.

    But here’s what’s even better. After I started implementing these two strategies, the comments started to get more and more genuine and I started to get more shares. This looks great to search engines and gives them a reason to send you more traffic.

    One thing I like to improve are my headlines. Yes I’m using a headline analyzer and it does help, but I want to give my headlines a little bit more umph, if you know what I mean.

    Thanks for the suggestions and I hope you have a great weekend!

    • says

      Hey Sherman,

      That’s great man. It feels good when you find the strategy that starts to work for you. It can get a little frustrating when you read all these how to’s from the pro’s ect and they all don’t work out as it did for them.

      I really enjoy the ‘Content Idea Generator’. It will not only help with headlines but also with content ideas as well. Have you heard of it? If not give it a try and let me know what you think.

      I appreciate you stopping by Sherman!

  20. says

    Hi. Have you ever tied any of the back linking strategies by Brian Dean. I have, my website still sucks, lol. Have you ever checked out Glen over at viperchill.com, he knows his stuff and is totally opposite to Brian with his approach to backlinks. I think http://www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-link-building-chapter-1/ is also a great post about backlinks. Maybe somebody should do a post about the greatest internet resources about backlinks all time. I had the idea for a minute but anybody reading these comments can use it if you want. I think a lot of people struggle with this part of SEO.

    • says

      Hi Jakarri,

      I really like what Brian Dean has going on and would recommend his tips for sure. I am implementing several of his strategies now.

      Maybe you just haven’t found the one that works for you. The experts share tons of info on things that will help but everything thing they share doesn’t work for everyone across the board.

      Neil Patel has some awesome advice for sure. Backlinks are not easy to get for sure. It is something we have to keep working at but as long as we keep at it man we will get there.

      Thanks for the comment Jakarri!

      • says

        No problem. Just showing my support. So forever I was wondering how was it Brian planned on monetizing backlinko. I didn’t see any advertising, or an offers in the emails. Question answered. What do you think about the class? Will you be subscribing? I think it could be a great value since he’s doing step by step instruction on how to do some of those very sophisticated backlink methods. I like how he gave out a ton of great content before monetizing. Pretty sure he’s gonna get a good response.

        • says

          I noticed that as well with Backlinko. It did leave us with a much better experience I have to say. We get sold all the time and not having that there worked for me.

          It looks like a great course but I will not be joining this one. I think he will be getting a great response as well. The info he gave on Backlinko was so good and detailed and all for free. Now with the step by step approach, what I think is the major issue for many of us, will be incredibly helpful.

          I have no doubt that it will be a hit for sure.

  21. says

    Hi Steven,
    Another great post from you.

    Promotion takes important role in my experience to make my content survive longer. Change the content into another form such as power point, pdf, video or audio and promote each kind in many places relevant can give more boost to the content and our blog.

    • says

      Hey thanks Okto,

      Yeah promotion is definitely one of the most important things we can do for our content. I am really getting into PowerPoint. Visuals are where everything is headed and I am making the transition to include much more in the near future.

      Have a good week Okto!

  22. says

    Hey Steven – great list here. I think promotion is the key, it’s the part of the puzzle that most people forget, but it’s also the one that makes all the difference!

    • says

      Hey Dave,

      Yeah, promotion is huge! They either forget it or don’t do it effectively. Promotion is an art for sure and without the right moves we could be doing more harm than good.

      Have a great week Dave.

  23. says

    Hi Steven,
    great list of useful resources.

    You know what?
    All the authors you mentioned in this post are in my circles,
    and I’ve already read some of the content you listed.
    It’s great to know we share similar connections.

    Llinking out to useful articles of blogpshere is indeed a great way to show appreciation for the authors of the content shared.

    Thanks for your post today,
    and have an awesome rest of this week!

    Tweeting right now!

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    • says

      HI Erik,

      Yeah, I really appreciate the content that is shared by these authors. I learn a lot from them.

      That’s exactly what I was trying to do here. Their content helps me out is so many ways. The least I can do is give them a positive mention here.

      I appreciate you stopping by Erik. Have a great weekend.

  24. says

    Hi Steven,

    How are you man? It felt like ages since I’m here and WOW! Your website seems to be changing A LOT!

    Good job on that.

    Just to add, I can’t agree more with the mailing list part. It is never too late to start one. Spend a little but the returns is really insane (if done correctly).

    Keep up the good work and coming back for more. Sharing this around too!

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    • says

      Hi Reginald,

      I am doing well now. Sickness had me down a couple days but getting back to normal now.

      It does seem like its been a looong time, right! I need to get back your way. I see you started a new website as well! Congrats on that I know you have some good content there.

      Thanks for the nod man.

      That’s a big statement there, “if done correctly”. I agree with you there. Making a big enough mistake can cost us plenty of future opened emails in the future.

      I appreciate you stopping by Reginald! Have a good weekend!

  25. says

    Hey Steven,
    Nice work buddy,

    Excellent post. I also feel the pain of content marketing.. With your tips the effort becomes more worthy. Content Marketing does not end with content creation. If you have great content and want your content to achieve the best possible results for you and your business, you have to work on enhancing its value and visibility.
    All the 8 points here are awesome and precise, and very informative too.
    Publish your content and publish it widely. Look for multiple avenues/channels to maximize the reach of your content.
    Promote your content. Harness the power of social media to help spread the word.

    Excellent tips, Steven. Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post with us.
    Good luck for you future article!!

    • says

      Hi Lonnie,

      You are right about our work not stopping at the end of content promotion. It can be exhausting but a necessary step for sure!

      It is not all that often we get lucky enough to publish new content and the social shares etc keep it visible for an extended period of time. I can say that this post has been doing well with that. I pushed it pretty hard the first week and it still continues to get a healthy amount of visitors all through this week.

      There is no doubt that, as you mentioned, harnessing the power of social media has a lot to do with our post being successful. Engage on our social networks, share to groups and communities and schedule future shares work wonders when done right!

      I appreciate you leaving your thoughts Lonnie! Have a good weekend!

  26. says

    Great article Steven. First time over to the site and love the insightful content!

    The tips here that really hit home for me is the interlinking of posts. I created a ton of posts without doing this and funnily enough, only just started going back through my posts to do this. It will definitely help.

    The other one is the outsourcing of techie stuff. I just spent a LONG time re-branding and building my new site and in reality I could have outsourced that and got it all done in a lot less time. Often us marketers think we need to be doing everything but outsourcing is such a great option if its possible as it frees us to focus on the business building.

    Love the post and blog, I’ll be back! (I bet you just read that in the voice of Arnie). If you didn’t you did now 😉
    Andrew Spence recently posted…How to Integrate Video Email to Boost Email Click through RatesMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Andrew,

      I appreciate you stopping by!

      I noticed that when I was reading other post that did well interlinking, I would click them often. At the very least I have the related post under my content and Popular post in my sidebar.

      I so feel you on the outsourcing. I am doing some updates to the blog that will be launching soon. What’s taking me several weeks could be done by someone else way faster as well. I enjoy the learning process involved but that surely takes time and potential problems if we make the wrong move somewhere.

      Haha, I didn’t read that way at first but sure did after!

      Thanks for stopping by Andrew! I appreciate it! Have a good week.

  27. says

    I agree with you on the SEO thing. We should not get obsessed with it. Instead, we should only for Human beings because they are the one who consume our content in the end.

    Promotion & Headlines are really a crucial part of creating viral content. Also making connections with other bloggers is vital too.

    The most effective strategy for me is Blog Commenting. I would recommend it to everyone.

    Thanks for writing this article 🙂

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    YourFriend recently posted…9 Shortcut Keys Every Windows User Should KnowMy Profile

    • says

      Well put! Readers are the most important part of our blogs. Without them we don’t achieve much.

      I enjoy blog commenting as well. It does take up time and you really have to find your groove. It not just about leaving a comment, it’s about leaving a valuable comment. You want you comments to have some substance to them, such as yours!

      I appreciate you stopping by!

  28. says

    Thanks for sharing some extremely powerful info Steven!

    Man, your 8 proven tips, if consistently applied will definitely
    give some much valued, extended life to our short shelf life content.

    As I’m reading each tip, it really is obvious that just like you pointed out,
    the real work begins after we hit the publish button, not before!LOL!

    Thanks for making us aware of so many extremely valuable resources as well!
    Mark recently posted…Three More Really Cool Reasons Why Your Business Definitely Needs To Be Using Email Marketing!My Profile

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