How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website with Google Plus Communities

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How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website with Google Plus Communities

I must admit, I was one of the people who took a little longer to give Google + a shot. After being a part of several different social media sites, I really wasn’t interested in learning and growing another account.

Now Google+ is actually my favorite social media site due to the value it offers. On top of that, discovering the power of joining Google + Communities really sweetened the deal.

Google plus Communities are a great way to learn more about your niche, meet others in your niche and drive traffic to your website. We will look at things you should look for in finding the right Google + Communities and how to drive traffic from them.

How to find the right Google Plus Communities
Just joining a bunch of Google + Communities and blasting your link will not get you the best results. It could even get you banned from well monitored Communities and these are the Communities you want to be a part of. Take a few extra steps and join Communities that will benefit your goals.

Find Communities In Your Niche
Start by Login in to your Google + account

After you have Logged in, take your mouse and hover over the “Profile” button towards the upper left of your screen.

Google + Profile
You will see a drop down with “Communities” listed around the middle of the drop down. Click on “Communities”.

Google + Community Select
Then you will search for Communities in your niche by placing your query in the Communities search bar. “Then click Enter”.

Google + Search for Community
Google + has many great communities. A lot of them may pop up in your search results depending on your niche but all Communities are not created equal. Let’s look at a few things that help determine what Communities will be better for you.

Find Communities With More Followers
The more Followers a Community has, the better it will be in driving traffic to your website. The more potential eyes will see your post. Google + Community Size
This principle is just for driving traffic purposes. If you see an interesting Community that shares some good content, then by all means Follow them. With any Community you Follow, whether it has plenty of Followers or not, it should at least follow this next principle.
Find Communities With Plenty Of Engagement
This is social media. So Sharing, commenting on post, +1 people’s post and Circling people is something you should do on a regular basis. It is something you should be looking for in the Communities you Follow as well.

Before you join a Community, look through it for signs that people are engaging with one another. The more +1’s, shares and comments you see, the better the group will be for driving traffic to your website.

Google + Share +1 and comments
This is a great way to find out if the Followers in this Community actual visit this Community and reads the content posted. Using these principles will ensure that you are finding quality Communities that will be beneficial to you. You want these type of results, so you should look for groups that are already offering what you would like.

The process of finding the right Communities is done but driving traffic to your website takes a little more effort. Do you use any other methods of finding Google + Communities?

How to effectively Use Google + Communities
Know that just like with any Community, Group or Social Media site you have to put in some time to get the best results. With these principles you can effectively send plenty of traffic to your site.

Be Social
Don’t let the post with you sharing your own content be the only time your seen in the Communities. Actively Circle, share, +1 and comment on others post. This will not only make you look less like a spammer but you will start to be recognized. The more your known for great comments and sharing others content, the more likely they will take a look at what you have to share. Building solid relationships will get you some amazing results alone.

Add A Little Something Extra
When you are promoting a new post on a Community, try to add something of value to the post. The Headline will show from the link which may not be enough. Adding a question or some type of statement has been a more effective way of driving traffic and engagement. Sharing just a link to your content is leaving potential visitors on the table.

Post To Multiple Communities
Find many Communities to Follow and post your content to them as often as possible. The thing to remember is that if you Followed these Communities, others in your niche maybe Following some of the same Communities as you. Diversify the content you share to these Communities. Posting the same thing on multiple Communities is not recommended and should be avoided.

Pick two or three and share your new post immediately. From there, every other day or so, share you latest post to other communities.

Additional Benefits of Using Communities
Yes, driving traffic to your blogs and websites is a huge benefit of using these communities. It should not be the only focus though since there are a good things that come from using the strategies listed above.

Your Content Survival Rate Increases
Just as with most other social media platforms out there. The content you share has a shelf life of about a day. That is much less for a site like Twitter where you have minutes. Posting to multiple Communities will allow your content to survive longer.

The longer your content appears on social media. The chances of going viral, getting backlinks and continued traffic increases by 3x!

Your content can continue to get traction over 24 hours of posting to a Community. Where as you only get minutes on several of the other social media platforms.

You Gain More Followers
The more you post quality content to these groups, the more people will want to find out more about you. Each high quality post can get you multiple followers each time.

The most important thing you can do for your content and social media presence is focus on writing magnetic headlines! It is the first thing people see whether it is in your feature image or not.

Build Your Authority
When you increase you content survival rate and gain more followers, your Authority will continue to grow. In order for this to happen, you have to focus on your content.

Getting them to click on your link is hard enough in itself. You have to be sure to have the content to meet your visitors needs as you promised through your link.

Google + Communities are a great way to drive some extra traffic to your website. Just be sure to follow the Communities rules, engage with others and tastefully share your content. If you have not given Google + or its Communities a try, you should give it a go as soon as possible. Google + is not just about driving traffic. No matter what your niche may be, the benefits of being on Google + out weigh the bad for sure! Start by connecting with me on Google + and then sharing this post

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