The Only 5 Free Stock Photo Sites You Will Ever Need

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The Only 5 Free Stock Photo Sites You Will Ever Need

There are a ton of free stock photo sites floating around. There are a ton of list posts on them as well.

They are missing some things I think is important for you to know and I’m going to let you know what they are in this post.
A random list of sites is helpful but being a little strategic in the ones you use can be very helpful.

A random list of sites is helpful but being a little strategic in the ones you use can be beneficial.


When you use popular stock photo sites, you are using images that are potentially being used by thousands of others.

I am not saying not to use a image from these sites that fit perfectly with your content.

As long as you use good practices to make your images stand out from the others that use them as well.

What You Should Look For In A Free Stock Photo Website
I have found that using these tips (which I used to create this list) gives you a great start to finding some amazing results.

1) Find a site with its own dedicated photographers
2) Find Personal Photographers that offer Free Images
3) Find sites that are not considered the most popular
4)Find sites that don’t allow the use of their images on third party stock site

The List Of Free Stock Photo Sites
Ryan Mcguire, has a nice set up over at Gratisography. Giving you new high res images every week. You can get images in animals, nature, objects, people, urban and an interesting whimsical categories.

Gratisography take picture
Life of Pix
LEEROY advertising agency and their network of photographers in Montreal provides a number of awesome images for you to use. They also update their gallery weekly. Another perk about Life of Pix is you can get some vectors and videos as well.

Life of Pix fire night woman
You can get thousands of images offered by PDPics from their in house photographers. They have just about any category you would need, such as, animals, birds, vehicles, landscapes, money, sports, tech, nature, art and more.

PDpics cute cat
Photographer Daniel Nanescu has a nice gallery of images for you to use. I like how Daniel doesn’t allow his images on third party stock sites. He also offers hi res images in plenty of unique categories. Like, blur backgrounds, mock up, low poly backgrounds just to name a few.

SplitShire Young Girl crossing arms
Negative Space
Every Monday Negative Space gives you about 20 new photos. They have an interesting search feature that helps you find exactly what you may be looking for. You can search category, copy position space and color.

freeway at night
Final Thoughts
Having awesome images is only half the reason your images get real results.

Doing it correctly can do wonders for your content.

Always be sure to check the licenses of the photos you use.

These sites offer their photos completely free now but that could change at any time.

The same is true with any site you use for your stock images.

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