Get Huge Results From A Few Social Media Followers

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Get Huge Results From A Few Social Media Followers

The question I see going around the web on a regular basis is, “How do I get more Social Media followers?”. This is a great question of course but we can lose focus on what we have already accomplished. This is unfortunate since even with a low follower count, they can still be so helpful in accomplishing our goals.

The tips below are what have given me good results with my connections while I continue to grow my follower count. It’s nothing difficult or out of the ordinary. Just know you will have to invest your time into it just like anything you do online. The benefits are well worth it though!

It’s a good feeling, when you have spent all that time writing a post, optimizing it, finding and editing images. To realize that You are getting tons of notifications about that content being shared over and over again!

Don’t Get Caught Up In The Numbers

As a society we always want more. More food, more money, more clothes and so on. Wanting more social media followers is no exception.

The quality of your connections is what is the most important factor. Having 200 followers where you get a few shares will beat out 2000 followers without you ever getting a share.

Having lower number allows you to build better relationships with others in your niche. Your feed will not be flooded with tons of posts that could distract you from a post where you could spark a great conversation and make more connections.

Use Social Media Communities and Groups

This is an awesome way to gain access to thousands of connects!

Use the best practices when finding social media communities. Use them correctly and you can get tons of new readers.

Make sure to keep in mind why your visual content brings results, create high quality headlines and pay attention to community guidelines.

Show Your Connections Some Support

Do you want more engagement on your social media accounts? Well I bet you appreciate a retweet or a +1 just as much as the next person. If the post, comment, Link is something you think is interesting, then give it a lift.

This will absolutely get you noticed in a positive way. It’s hard to get noticed on social media but if you have a smaller following you can focus your attention on relationships. This will ultimately begin to get you more followers in the long run.

Since your current followers will be sharing your content, this leaves many chances for others to discover and follower you. That is the ultimate goal right? This will help you leverage your followers until you get where you want to be.

Follow Them On Multiple Social Media Sites

Most likely just like you, you are on more than one social media site. You also probably spend more time on your favorite social media site. At first you may not know where they spend most of their time but if you use tips like in the next tip you will find out sooner than later.

It’s all about being visible. So if you are giving your followers more chances to see you, then you make the process of connecting more likely.

Genuinely Spark A Conversation

You know what you know, right? Well, be sure to let others know about what you know as well. If they are in your niche or have similar interest, it will be easy to spark that conversation.

You don’t always have to hunt to spark a conversation. If you start using the steps from above, it will be much easier for you to ask questions or have others begin to respond to your post as well.

The ‘?’ is the most powerful symbol you can use in your quest to connect online. Make the questions meaningful and something that someone can add value too. Asking if someone likes pudding is a way to get more likes but you will get better results from building a solid relationship based off a valuable discussion.

Go Beyond Social Media

Social media is great in itself but if you want to truly build some solid relationships, you will have to go outside of social media. Previously, I mentioned how you need to support your connections on social media, well the same goes for their blogs as well.

Going to their blog and posting a quality comment is a serious part of building a solid social media connection. This is another step in becoming more visible online. We are on social media to connect and drive traffic to our websites, products and services most importantly right? So, that lets us know that a comment on their blog is much more valuable than a retweet.

Head to their blog leave a comment and be sure to share it where ever you have the most interaction which each other.

Develop Good Habits

This is the best time to find the strategy that works best for your personal goals. While you have a low follower count, it will be much easier to manage your social media accounts. It will give you the opportunity to make the necessary changes in time management, promotion, connecting etc.

Social media can be a dangerous thing. In the sense that you can waste plenty of time on things that are not benefiting you at all. So by using this time to find what works on a smaller scale, things will be so much smoother for you once your following grows.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have not been active or setting up an account for the first time, don’t worry about where you are as far as the numbers. If you put in the time and create good content, your following will begin to grow over time.

What ever you do, do not buy Twitter followers or Facebook Likes etc. They are a waste and will not benefit you at all. Don’t get pressured into using one of these services which provide no really benefits. A simple change in strategy could be all you need.

Focus on relationships, connecting and staying as visual as possible with the right people. That way even though you do not have a huge following, you can begin to set the foundation for getting massive shares from your connections.

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