Are All These New Tools Helping Or Handicapping Bloggers?

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Are All These New Tools Helping Or Handicapping Bloggers?

The life of a blogger can get very interesting. Not only do we face many challenges in our offline lives, we face many challenges online as well.

With the constant changing of all the right and wrong ways to accomplish things online, we must constantly continue to evolve. The word ‘Evolve’ seems like it takes a lot of work but with so many tools that we have access to, evolving can mean letting a program take care of it for us.

So the question I have for you is, Is all this new technology helping or handicapping us as bloggers?
Why should I at least learn basic coding?
Don’t get me wrong, I love WordPress and all that is can help you accomplish. With all of the plugins and other options available, we really don’t need to learn any coding, right? Well, I have to disagree with that one.

Have you ever ran across a problem with your server or the function of your site. Then to go to the forums and have everything look foreign to you? Go to what… change this to that… also known as, blah blah blah 🙂 Well, I have for sure. I have limited coding knowledge and will continue to learn. I can say from experience, it has made my life easier knowing how to take care of the little things.

When I was having 500 Internal Sever Errors, I took me a while to find the problem. If I had no idea how to do basic coding, this minor headache could seem catastrophic to someone who simply doesn’t understand.

I remember when I first started using WordPress. I went plugin crazy! Don’t judge me but I had about 40 plugins installed! I now know better than to have that many plugins downloaded. The idea of just down loading and going was appealing. With some basic coding, I could get rid of several plugins and get the same and most of the time better results.

Who Needs Photoshop Anyway
I am becoming a huge image person. I can create simple little images that gain a ton of views for 5 minutes of work. Just as with basic coding, I feel we should at least have basic photo editing knowledge as well.

Then you realize as your trying to learn how to navigate around PhotoShop, what’s this site everyone is talking about? So now you can simply drag and drop your way to beautiful images.

I recently took Canva for a spin. I have to tell you, I am pleasantly surprised at the ease of use and the quality and selection of images they have available. You can create images for social media, eBooks, cover photos etc.

With sites like this, is it really necessary for us to know how to edit our own photos?

Why Spend My Time When It Can Do It For Me
I’m sure most of us have experienced those autoresponders on Twitter for example. I know we have to spend our time wisely and we can’t be everywhere at once but we have to have balance.

I am a believer in “keeping social media social”! With all these programs that add followers, auto direct messages etc we can lose a sense of adding ourselves to the equation.

When should we make that balance between automation and actual interaction? I think now of days automation is beneficial but we can’t leave it solely to that if we want to build quality connections.

Final Thought

Thank you to all the smart people out there that help make our lives easier. I am not taking anything away from them but again, I think balance is key.

Plugins can’t always fulfill our every need, Canva can not edit every single image the way we might need them and social media automation will only get us so far. To get the most benefits from some of these services they will also take money out of our pockets. A few dollars here and there may not bother you much but those few dollars times multiple services changes things quickly.

Do you have the basic knowledge you need to survive without these type of tools? Either way do you think it’s beneficial to rely on these tools long term?

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