Types of Link Building Tools that Calgary Marketers Own and How to Use Them

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Types of Link Building Tools that Calgary Marketers Own and How to Use Them

When it comes to the field of search engine optimization, link building is important since these are tools that help one enhance the number and quality of inbound links that are directed to a particular site. These techniques are often used with the aim of improving search engine rankings or a particular site. Link building plays a major role in improving the number of high-quality links that are directed to a particular site, which in turn improve the likelihood of the site ranking highly when it comes to search engine results. This technique has also been proven when it comes to marketing and improving brand awareness as well. The following are some of the Types of Link Building tools that Calgary Marketers own and How to use them.

It’s important to note that these types of link building tools will help you provide value to the end uses, and they also adhere to Google`s terms of services. More so, these tools will also help users to produce quality results that can easily be sustained for a particular duration. These techniques are focused on producing high quality and relevant links on the site. While they might require some practice before one can master their functionalities, they are widely implemented by savvy website owners. This is because these link-building tools are not only beneficial for the site performance, but also for the overall online environment as well.

Link building tools

SEM rush

SEK rush is a link building tool that allows users to engage in website management tasks and it also provides an in depth analysis for your unique needs. This analysis can then be easily incorporated into your digital marketing regime, and it will significantly enhance your performance. By using this particular link building tool, users can be able to distinguish opportunities and respond to them in real through a trusted resource that is SEMrush. Best of all, this tool will provide comprehensive insight into backlinks, anchor texts used and index times as well. Also, users will also gain insight about various audits, keyword research tools, and techniques to improve content strategies as well. This tool is simple to access on the main website, and while you may have to pay for some features, the overall benefits make it a worthwhile investment for your needs.

Majestic SEO

This one of the world’s largest back link index database, meaning that it provides a well-rounded approach when it comes to links. In fact, this tool has well over 800 billion links in its backlink database for reliable results. This tool has an innovative feature that can analyze the links of sites daily and it is referred to as the `Fresh Index` tool. It allows users to acquired daily reports on new backlinks as well as those used by your competitor. The free version is powerful enough to allow users to track and evaluate backlink profiles on a particular site. This is important since it allows users to evaluate the activities of competitors and it also enhances the blink building regime. Majestic SEO also features a powerful browser extension that simplifies procedures and provides comprehensive metrics about a particular site. This program is also simple to use and is available on their main site. All the product and service packages are well highlighted to make it a convenient procedure for your needs.


Ahrefs is one of the most powerful link building tools available out there today. It is powerful enough for competitor analysis, site auditing and keyword generation among many others. When it comes to link generation benefits, this tool provides users with information on competitors top pages by links, by growth as well as broken link analysis among many others. Users can also gain insight into the outbound links of the site, along with information on anchor text and the broken links that are available on the site. Taking things further, Ahrefs will allow users to view sites that been linked to broken pages. This tool is useful and provides users win comprehensive information about a competitors backlink profile. Also, it also provides information about how a blog has performed over the years and with sleek and simple to use interface.

Open site explorer

Open site explorer is also another high-quality and powerful link building tool and using it is also pretty straightforward. It comes with simple to use analysis features, and it is also beneficial in the procedures of searching for backlinks and identifying any inconsistent link spam that might lead to penalties from Google. This tool lets users evaluate the spam score level which provides in depth information about the links on a particular site. It is simple to use, and it provides comprehensive metrics about your link building regime as well as those used by your competitors. This program also has the appropriate pricing and package features available such that you can easily choose one that suits your website management goals.


All things considered, there is no room for poor choice making when it comes to managing your online business regime. Make savvy choices always has its inherent benefits. A good recommendation would be for you to gain insight into Types of Link Building Tools that Calgary Marketers Own and How to Use Them. Equipped with this information, you can be at a much better position to make perceptive choices and to realize your unique website management goals.

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