How And Why To Build Relationships Online With Bloggers

Building relationships online with bloggers is an important part of the process when starting or maintaining your blog. There are plenty of advantages when it comes to building these relationships. I’ll explain below the Main Benefits of Building Relationships Online with Bloggers. This is part of the process that is actually neglected by many but hopefully by the time you are finished with this post you will understand my point.

When you are online you spend a lot of time designing, strategizing, creating content etc for your website. Interacting with others actually makes things more interesting and social. It takes people to build your website to achieve your goals, so remember to focus on the social aspect of your website as well.

Benefits Of Building Relationships Online With Bloggers

Drives Traffic To Your Website

Building Relationships is a great way to get traffic to your website. When you first start your blog, it will take time for search engines to start to drive traffic to your site. So, why not go and comment on some others sites, share and reach out to others in your niche on social media? This can draw traffic to your site immediately. When you build a report with other bloggers, they will head to your site to see what you have to say and drive others to your site through shares and likes on social media.

Any little bit helps. It’s not the best feeling having Zero hits on your site, even early on and this is one way to change that immediately.

Get Social Shares and Followers

Also mentioned above Social Media shares drive traffic to your site and is a key factor is your search rankings. If you never started researching a single Keyword or working toward getting backlinks-  just having more shares will help with SEO.

Other than helping with your SEO, it is also a good way to show your Authority on a topic. Even though someone with 100 followers and someone with 100,000 could have the same amount of knowledge on a topic. The person with the 100,000 followers will come across as more of an Authority to some.

Social media is a huge part of our online presence now of days. Simply building a relationship with fellow bloggers, etc is a great way to build your social media presence.

Get Backlinks

By simply Building Relationships with bloggers you will surely start to generate backlinks to your site.  This is important in building your Authority. The more good and high quality sites you have linking to your site the better. I wouldn’t go looking for high quality sites to target. Just comment etc on a post while you are researching a topic of a potential post. You may not get a backlink for it but your will start to build your authority and if it was a high quality comment then it will generate some traffic too.

I will explain how below in the “Blog Commenting” section below.


When starting out there will be stuff you don’t know. With anything, if you have a problem it is good to have someone you can reach out to. Even if you have an idea for a new Infographic and you want to run your points past someone else who is more of an authority in the topic. It is good to build a “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” relationship with several other bloggers.

How To Build Relationships Online With Bloggers

Blog Commenting

I have learned that blog commenting is actually a very useful tactic, that is easy to implement and brings results. The key is to leave helpful, meaningful comments. You want to basically extend the views of the post with your own thoughts. Be genuine and respectful when leaving your comments. You should avoid short empty comments. At least leave a comment that is a paragraph in length.

The quickest way to look like a spammer is to drop links in your comments. What you want is to leave a comment that grabs the attention of other readers that leaves them wanting to know more about you. If you achieve that, they will click on the URL linked to your name. There is no need to add it to the post even if it’s relevant.

By leaving these high quality comments on blogs you will start to build your authority and gain followers at the same time. Using the commenting tactic to build relationships and traffic is also “Google Update” proof.

Social Shares

An easy way to remind bloggers you’re there. Every time you Retweet, mention, share etc on majority of these social networks that user gets a notification. “@YOU” has retweeted etc. They will appreciate you sharing their content with your followers and you will be staying in their sight.

One easy way is to find that person on Triberr if they are on there and Autoshare their new posts.

Mention Them In Your Blog

Show your appreciation! When you find someone who is actually engaging with you and sharing your content, give them a shout out. When you are writing a post that they are and expert in, quote them on your post and give them a link or 2. They will greatly appreciate that. A tweet will disappear is the noise in minutes but that blog post will generate traffic as long as your site stays up. When sharing your blog on social media, add them to it letting them know you gave them a mention in your post.

Hey, I’m pretty sure you’ll get at least one retweet on that post : )


When building business relationships, just be YOU.  Let your personality show and the right people will come around. Just as in the real world, you will not hit it off with everyone. This is fine! You have to just “Keep on Keeping On”! Be sure to return the favor. If you notice you have someone who is consistently commenting on your post and sharing your content etc, drop by their blog and share some of their content and comment on their blog as well.

Remember, Building these Relationships should be “Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ type of situation. Remember to be patient as well. This is a time-consuming process. What good relationship doesn’t take time to truly manifest into something good…

Do you focus on building good relationships online?

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