What To Do After A New Blog Post

Lets go through the things that you should do after a new blog post. These will give your post a fighting chance on the noisy web.

Hopefully you did your Keyword Research and have your post optimized for search engines. There is a lot of information that is being shared all across the web every second.

Why do you think it is recommended to tweet at least 7-10 times on Twitter a day? It’s because with people sharing so much information every second, without posting multiple times in a day you will not engage enough of your followers. Not because the information your sharing has no weight, it’s just lost in a BIG sea of tweets.

Writing Great contentis always the first step. You spend (or should spend) time doing your research, writing great content and THEN optimizing it for search engines. This takes enough time in itself. When you write content, some seem to think that the article will share itself. I mean you did just write… THE BEST POST EVER!  Unfortunately, this is not true no matter how great your article.

Share to your social networks

You should have all your targeted networks picked out and ready to go. Social networks and SEO go hand in hand. Don’t neglect this part of the process. Social networks do take up a lot of time but it is necessary to the process.

Be sure to take advantage of Social Media Management tools to help you save time on your social media activities. Hootsuite is on of my faves. I love the fact that I can schedule post to post at the day and time I want to multiple sites at once.

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Share post to social bookmarking sites

This doesn’t have as much weight as it did a few years ago but it is still a good source for backlinks and bringing in some traffic to your site. There is also Social Bookmarking  management tools as well that will share your content to multiple bookmarking sites at one time.

A management tools is not necessary for social media but I absolutely recommend it for bookmarking. With social media, you can just about copy and paste everything for the most part but with bookmarking it is a more time-consuming process.

There are some benefits from bookmarking sites but I don’t think the time put in is worth the results other than the few big hitters Stumble Upon, Reddit and Pinterest.

These sites can continue to generate visitors to your site months after it has been bookmarked!

Comment on Blogs and Forums

Try to find blog post that have recently been posted. Leave a comment that will add Value to the conversation. Don’t just say things like “Nice Post”. That screams spammer! Watch this on comments to your blog as well.

Try to post a comment as soon as possible. Be one of the first to comment if possible. Which spot in Google gets the most traffic? The number 1 spot gets the most visits. The same is true with comments. The first few comments will definitely be read by visitors who read the comments. Can’t say the same for the 50th comment.

Not saying you shouldn’t comment if you are the 50th comment. Get some visitors and a backlink… a win, win!

I have had visitors click on a link from a comment of mine months after I left the comment. To make it easy, go to the Comment Luv site and search related blogs similar to yours.

Comment Luv makes it easy because it automatically puts your latest blog post under your comment… Thank You!

After you find several blogs you enjoy and want to build a relationship with the author, add them to a RSS feed reader. I enjoy using ProntoPage. This will help you stay on top of new post and engage the author with some valuable comments on a regular basis.

Add Post To Your e Newsletter

When you are done, create a newsletter to send out informing your followers about your new post. Create a couple different Headlines and see which one attracts more visitors.

Sooner than later you want to start to develop your email list. This is one of the best things you can do for your website. It will be a way to ensure that multiple people have the potential of seeing your new product or service. It will keep visitors coming back to your site, which increases your Clout to the search engines.

Submit it to Search Engines

Search Engines crawl everything on the web automatically but with so much information being online, you want them to know about it as soon as possible. This doesn’t mean your site will be crawled the next day but it will help speed up the process.

You can easily do this by submitting your remapped sitemap. If you are using a WordPress self hosted site there are plugins that will do this automatically for you. If not that is fine, it’s not a long process and can be done rather quickly.

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As a blogger you should think your post has Value or you shouldn’t post it at all. You have to put in as much effort sharing your post, as you did creating it. Is there anything else you think should be added to the list?

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