Write A Blog Post That Works

When you write a blog post, there are a few things that are important to not leave out of your post.

Search engines thrive off of fresh content! They want to know what’s out there, and it’s up to you to give them that fresh, quality content.

Below are 4 elements that gives your blog a chance to attract and keep visitors coming back to your blog.

Use A Title That Users Are Searching For

You want a Title that is catchy and to the point. Keep the title related to the post.

Be sure to do your Keyword Research with every post.

This will take a little time but it will help you evaluate whether or not your potential post is as valuable as you think.

Especially, if you are in a very specific niche. You don’t want to write about a topic that only a hand full of people are searching for or use the wrong Keywords.

Be sure your Keywords are used in your URL, Page Title, Meta Description and in your content on every post.

Write A Blog Post For Your Followers

It is important that you implement SEO in your over all strategy.

When you write valuable content, you want to give yourself the best chance of being found by search engines. Don’t let the information your sharing go to waste by decreasing your chances of NOT being found.

You want the Robots to find your post but your focus should be to gain followers. Don’t run them away with a post stuffed with keywords etc.

Now that that’s out the way 

Don’t let the SEO part take away from connecting with your followers (or soon to be followers).

Write a blog post that you feel will connect with the “people” reading it.

Also, as you can see with this blog, add a lot of spaces between every sentence or two. This will make reading your post easier for your followers.

Write A Blog Post With Valuable Content

Be as informative as possible. Give the readers something that they have never heard before.

If it is a popular topic, give it to them in a way they have not heard it before.

Naturally send them to other pages of your site that can further help them. Fight the urge to keep them for yourself and refer them to other credible sites as well.

They are looking for information so give it to them and they will appreciate you for it. Hopefully, with a share, Like or subscription.

Use Attractive Images

Find images that relate to your post.

That picture of the sunset looks great but if your post is about “Saving Money” then they don’t complement each other well.

If it works, try to use an image with caption on it. They tend to draw in reader’s attention more than images without them.

I enjoy using Creative Commons Search to find images across the web that others allow you to use Royalty free.

Still proceed with caution. Stay away from anything that may be a logo or something of that nature.

Also try to do some type of editing to the picture to make it your own. Resizing, cropping or adding caption are quick easy ways to make your image stand out.

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