5 Steps To Click-Worthy, Shareable & Optimized Blog Post

We create blogs for many different reasons. No matter what your individual reason may be, we all have the same goals in common. We want to get more traffic, convert readers into sales or subscribers, get backlinks and so on. This is possible for every single one of us and it all starts with your […]

25 Tips And Resources For Writing Click Worthy Headlines

Headlines are so important to the success of your content. Majority of the time, headlines are the only thing people have to go on when asking themselves if your link is worth their time. Is this what I’m looking for, Will this solve my problem, Will this help better my situation and so on. So, […]

What To Do After A New Blog Post

Lets go through the things that you should do after a new blog post. These will give your post a fighting chance on the noisy web. Hopefully you did your Keyword Research and have your post optimized for search engines. There is a lot of information that is being shared all across the web every second. Why […]

How To Guide For Google Keyword Planner

Google made a big change recently ending Google Adwords Keyword Tool. They didn’t leave us out in the cold though…or did they by leaving us with Google Keyword Planner? Keyword Planner is not as user friendly as keyword tool but not impossible to learn after a few rounds. Keyword Planner  is missing some pretty useful […]