25 Tips And Resources For Writing Click Worthy Headlines


Write Click Worthy HeadlinesHeadlines are so important to the success of your content. Majority of the time, headlines are the only thing people have to go on when asking themselves if your link is worth their time.

Is this what I’m looking for, Will this solve my problem, Will this help better my situation and so on. So, how do you go about answering these questions for them in about 55 characters? This is not an easy task to accomplish!

I came across a statement by David Ogilvy, an advertising executive, who stated that “On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cent out of your dollar.”

That is some very interesting information we should all pay attention too. A man who spent his career catching others attention, is telling us that about 80% of the success of our content falls on the headline!

There are plenty of different factors in finding the right words to include in your headline. We will go over 25 of the most interesting tactics and resources that will help in creating a stand out headline. These 25 things are super easy to start using and will give you much better results than the lucky guess type of headline!

How To Craft An Engaging Headline

1) Pique Readers Curiosity

Things like, “You Will Not Believe What A Guy Did At His Wedding.” You have a headline like this during wedding season and you will be sure to peak a lot of people’s interest on this topic. It’s interesting that headlines of this nature do well without actually letting readers know what the content is about.

2) Let Them Know Your Content Is To Valuable To Pass Up

All of our content should be value driven. Letting someone know that they will get tons of valuable information that will benefit them, will make your content more appealing. Unfortunately, if you do not locate the proper words, the right people will not find your content in search results.

3) Find Keywords That Others Are Searching For

There are plenty of tools out there but I prefer to get my information from the source, Google Keyword Planner. Something as simple as adding an ‘s’ to the end of your keyword could open the door to hundreds or more of new potential readers. Finding the right keyword is easier once you decide on a topic that readers want to know about.

4) Use BuzzSumo To Find And Create Topics That Are Share Worthy


BuzzSumo is an interesting and easy to use tool, that will let you know what content is spreading nicely on social media. Simply add your niche or subject of choice into the search bar. Then take a look at the topics that come about and see what is being shared the most. This will give you not only interesting topics that are currently being shared, you will also see what potential social platforms will be a good place to target your sharing.

5) Tell Readers How They Should Feel

This is a more controversial one but effective none the less. If you can tap into an emotion that is desired by many and let them know how they will feel, readers will notice. For example, “Do ‘This’ And You Will Feel Less Stressed Immediately”, is something that will appeal greatly to people who are stressed.

6) Use Content Creation Tool

Content Idea Generator

The ‘Content Idea Generator‘ is one of many tools that will help you come up with content ideas and headline possibilities as well. This one is definitely worth a look and great for those writers block moments as well. Just fill out everything as accurately as possible and let it do all the work.

7) Appeal To Readers Emotions

If you are not out right telling readers how they will feel as mentioned in #5, you still have to connect to readers on an emotional level. There are 5 main emotions that work best when trying to connect with readers. Hitting one or more of these emotions will create a more engaging headline.

8) Test Your Headlines

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

If you are not sure that you are hitting the right emotions, use the ‘Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer‘ by Advanced Marketing Institute.Β  Through text, meanings can be misunderstood as mentioned in my post ‘Infographic: How To Respond To Negative Comments On Social Media And Blog Post‘, but we always interpret the tone of words the same way. You can learn more about Emotional Marketing Value here.

9) Make It Easy To Understand

Everyone will not get your sense of humor or understand all the technical jargon that you know. Keep things simple and make it easy to understand. Leaving readers confused is an easy way to get them to ‘not’ take action.

10) Use ‘How To’

People search for ways to get things accomplished all the time and you letting them know how, will work well in your headlines. For example,Β  write a title like, ‘How To Find Google+ Communities That Drive Traffic To Your Website‘.

11) Write On A Controversial Topic

Find a topic that others have very opposing opinions on and write an informative post on where you stand. This works well when a topic is trending well, as mentioned in #4 and many are searching into the subject as well. For example, ‘Why Commenting On Blog Post Should be Taken Seriously.’ Plenty of people use and agree with the benefits on this post but many do not agree with this tactic at the same time.

12) Use a List

When you let readers know you have a certain number of ways to get a desired result, it is registered as being more valuable. Find a topic of choice, Google search it and aim to add a list that surpass any that you see on the first couple of pages.Β  A headline like the one on this post or one like ‘7 Steps To Finding The Best WordPress Plugins‘ work well. I found a high of 16 when I was searching on the topic of headlines, so I set out for over 20.

13) Ask a Question

Find questions that many are asking and ask the same question in your headline. If they are wondering the same thing, they will be curious to know if you have the answer they are looking for. For example, ‘Why Am I Still Tired After A Good Nights Sleep’.

14) Let Them Know You Have Visual Content

Even if the same information is shared, now of days, visual content will seem more interesting and fetch better results. Pamela Vaughn mentioned on Hubspot that, blog articles that included infographics generated an average of 178% more inbound links and 72% more views than all other posts.

15) Make A Promise

Will your post really make their task easier or increase visitors to their website? Your reputation is on the line so make a promise you can deliver on. You can use something like, ‘Find Out How To Save $200 Every time On Groceries’.

16) Use appealing adjectives

When you use adjectives like Effortless, Incredible, Essential, Advanced, Approved, Improve and so on.Β They make your headline more appealing. Anything you can do to spice up your headline is a good addition to any headline. Adding adjectives is an easy way of achieving that.

17) Use the Formula Of Other Successful Blogs

If you need a little assistance when crafting a headline on a topic, use tools like BuzzSumo and use the formula that they used for their content. For example, if the formula that was used was something like, ‘Number or Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise‘, use this same formula when crafting your headline.

18) Make Sure It’s Sharable

If you are being offensive, others may not want to associate your content and headline with their network. Be sure that it is something that can be share with the masses. Adding this small detail can result in a lot shares and click troughs to your website.

19) Announce Something New

‘New’ is an appealing word in itself. Using this to our advantage will bring you good results. It is also an easy way to bring out #1, Peak Readers Curiosity. Let readers know about the new thing for the summer, a new technique that will be beneficial and so on.

20) Use A Command

This is a bold move but telling readers what they should do actually is proven to work very well. Now of days we use tools that technically takes the thinking out of what we have to do on a daily basis. It may sound a little weird but telling readers to take action is an effective method to get more clicks.

21) Create A Sense of Urgency

You see this tactic all the time. We naturally don’t want to miss out on a good thing. Using something like, Limited Time Offer, Going fast, Limited Supply, While Supplies Last etc can lead to more clicks. Give readers a reason to act fast and take action.

22) Mention A Trustworthy Person Or Brand

This benefits you in several ways. Building trust is difficult but if you add a trustworthy source, it automatically raises your trust level a bit. It also helps you get noticed and build a relationship with influencers.

I recommend doing this sparingly and be sure to do it well. Mentioning someone can help or hurt your cause if it’s not done properly. This is not only a representation of you but someone else as well. Represent them to the best of your ability.

23) Use The Word ‘You’

‘You’ is one of the most popular words used in some of the most viral headlines ever created. It makes the reader feel as if you are talking directly to them. This allows the headline to connect with them on a deeper level. For example, a headline like, ‘25 Action Words And How They Help Customers Make The Decision YOU Want‘.

24) Use A Testimonial

Testimonials are one of the best ways to build your credibility, immediately. Using an honest testimonial that also lets the reader know what your content is about. For example, “XYZ Company has increased my sales a very real 257%”.

25) List The Problem and The Solution

If you have a solution to a problem that many are having, let them know in your headline. For example, ‘Gained To Much weight over the holidays, Here’s How to Lose It Fast’. I’ve seen this type of headline more times than I can count but I click on them a lot because that is a very real problem I have during the holidays πŸ™‚


Spend the extra time necessary to create an effective headline. It will benefit your content more in the short and long-term. Your headline is the first impression many will have of you and your content, before they even decide to click.

Make sure that your content backs up your headline. Trust was mentioned earlier in the post and if you do not want to lose it quickly, then stay on topic, add value and be yourself when blogging. We will appreciate your content much more.

Do you use any of these tips? Which is your favorite?


  1. says

    Hi Steven,

    Fab list here. I’m partial toward list-style headlines myself as people can’t seem to resist numbers. It’s like, we crave numbers because we want order, and an exact idea of what we should expect. People click through, especially if the list is in double figures.

    Your How To tip is dead on too. People have problems. They want to know how to solve them. Enter the How To post.

    I intend to make my tips as practical as possible so readers can soak up my post, digest my content and then put the content into use quickly. Folks dig practical, easy to use solutions because we want to know How To in as easy an simple a way as possible.

    Appealing adjectives, gotta use them. I think in terms of power verbs and colorful adjectives. Yank out a thesaurus if you feel a little lacking in the colorful adjective or power verb department, and trust me, readers will flock to your post when you use words like, “cantankerous.”

    Power hare here Steven, thanks so much. A headline goes a long way as the advertising genius states up top.

    I’ll tweet it shortly.

    Enjoy your Thursday.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…13 Wildly Successful Bloggers to Follow Immediately (for Increasing Your Blog Traffic and Sales)My Profile

    • says

      Hi Ryan,

      I agree that people really love list and numbers. Some of my best content has numbers or How to in the title.

      I think your practical and easy to understand approach is the best way to go. I enjoy those really technical post on certain subjects because I understand what they are talking about. Someone who is new to the topic will be completely lost, as I use to be. That is why I try to adopt that also as much as possible.

      I wrote a post about turning the content of your website into SlideShares. It was a pretty simple to understand process but by the time I did my first rough draft, I basically rewrote the whole thing. I was explaining it in a way that was not as easy to understand as I thought it should be.

      Using the Thesaurus is a good move too. I have used it plenty. Even though words may mean the same thing, sometime just using a different word will make the headline sound more appealing and drive those clicks!

      I appreciate you Ryan! Thanks for the share and have a great week.

  2. says

    Hi Steven,

    This is my first visit to your blog via your G+ share of this post.
    Thanks for this wonderful list.

    Yes I am very much agreed with you on stunning headline to attract people. I closely observe News Headlines. Infact, all print media follow this step to sell their paper.

    Didn’t know about buzzsumo and content idea generator. TFC

    • says

      Hi Susanta,

      Thanks for stopping by. I think looking at news headlines is a great idea. Their business is built off of building sales from attractive headlines as you mentioned. That is a great tip to add on a future list post! Thank you!

      Take care…

  3. says

    Hey Steven,

    Great post!

    I’m definitely a “Pique Readers Curiosity” and “Use a List” guy. Or, at least I have been to date on Be A Better Blogger. I should think about expanding my repertoire. πŸ™‚

    Wait, what am I thinking? I’ve also done the “Mention A Trustworthy Person Or Brand” headline. In separate posts, I’ve mention John Grisham and Winston Churchill in headlines. I guess my repertoire isn’t as limited as I thought!

    Great read, Steven. Going to share this on Google Plus…
    Kevin Duncan recently posted…How to kill engagement and stop those pesky blog commentsMy Profile

    • says

      Hey Kevin,

      I agree you definitely are a ‘Pique Readers Curiosity” guy! After reading your headlines, I know what the content is about but at the same time it leaves me wanting to know more about what your talking about.

      Like your latest post, which is excellent by the way, I know it’s about engagement and blog comments but I surely don’t want to kill or stop them LOL!

      Your repertoire works well in my opinion but I understand if you want to just have some more options to work with.

      Thanks for the share and have a great week Kevin.

  4. says

    Excellent blog, really looking forward to trying out some of the tools you mentioned here.

    Personally find many of these techniques you’ve mentioned have substantially increased the number of clicks to my blogs.

    As you mentioned to list a trustworthy person or brand I’ve found this helped with the number of people finding me on social media as well. I always tag the writer of the blog in a social media post now, so that they can see it as well. This way they are more likely to share it. Plus it increases the credibility of the link. And people that are searching for that person may come across the post too.

    Also “how to” always works wonders, and lists “7 ways to improve blank” both as you mentioned. And I try to imply some of these words from this blog “The Big List of 189 Words That Convert” by kevan lee. And have found this has helped my number of visits as well.

    Great blog, thanks for sharing with us.
    Brydon Parker recently posted…How I Suddenly Increased My Link Clicks by 700%My Profile

    • says

      Hi Brydon,

      Mentioning a trustworthy source is an excellent tactic. You mentioned all the benefits for sure and getting a lift from the person or brand themselves can go a long way. Who doesn’t like people saying good things about you right?

      How Tos and list post are actually my go to type of headlines right now. Thanks for the resource. I have not heard of the Big List before and I’m very interested in seeing what its all about.

      Have a good one Brydon.

        • says

          Hey Brydon,

          I totally agree with that! Lifts are excellent and normally get pretty good engagement as well. I received a lift on this post from this post from an influencer, although not mentioned in this post, and the post received a nice boost from it.

          It is worth it and I’ll take it whenever they come!

          Thanks for stopping by Brydon!

  5. says

    Hi Steven,

    I like your headline 25 Tips: It pulls the reader in to find out 25 ways and the word tips makes it appealing because they can scroll through and find something they need.

    I found lots of things I needed in this post! I thank you for putting all those links in that I can use. This is one post that I have book-marked for the value you have provided.

    donna merrill recently posted…Why Is Google Like My Ex?My Profile

    • says

      Hey Donna,

      Thanks! I wanted to put something a little different together on this topic and I came across tips and resources but never them together. So I decided to do a list and sprinkle some resource in it as well.

      I really recommend the Content Idea Generator. It is something I recently came across and it will definitely does what it says it will do for you.

      Thanks for stopping by Donna!

  6. says

    Hey Steven,
    I have to say that I haven’t read such an in-depth article in a long time. Headlines are the only thing that will tell you whether a person will read your post, take action or not and you have made 25 strong points on how to generate the best headlines.
    However what I really liked is that you shared some tools with us. I didn’t know about BuzzSumo or Content Idea Generator and I really appreciate that.
    Thanks for this amazing post man!
    Cheers πŸ™‚
    Arbaz K recently posted…Download Clash of Clans for PC, Android and iPhoneMy Profile

    • says

      Hey Arbaz,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post. I put a lot into it and appreciate you sharing that you got something out of it.

      Those two tools are huge! I have popped in and out of Buzzsumo for a while but Idea Content Generator is one that I found not to long ago. They are very helpful and will surely help get the creative juices flowing.

      Your welcome Arbaz and have a great week!

  7. says

    Hey Steven,

    Way back when whenever I would run across a post that shared great successful headlines I would copy the link and dump it in my Evernote file titled “headline swipe file”. I learned that some time back so whenever I got stuck with a headline I would go to that file.

    Over time it got old using the same ones so since then I’ve found three PDF’s that contain 51, 101 and 102 award winning headlines that work. Each section is broken up to things like the “how to’s”, lists, curiosity, pain, etc.

    Most of the time I know what I want to write about so I’ll go through each of those PDFs and test my keywords on what I want.

    I use to use the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer years ago when I was writing articles. Although I would get up to a 75% rate on some of them I didn’t see much difference whether people viewed them, took action or what so I stopped using it. I’d be surprised if it still works today so maybe I should give it another test run.

    The one I’m linking to today in this post I used one of those “award winning headlines” so we’ll see how that does. I’m not great with coming up with them myself so I need all the help I can get.

    Great share Steven, thanks for this and we can all learn to do much better with these.

    Adrienne recently posted…Are You Sabotaging Your Blog Commenting EffortsMy Profile

    • says

      Hey Adrienne,

      Those PDF’s sound like a great resource to have. Instead of searching through Google at a ton of headlines, you have plenty saved to your computer!

      The Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer is not something I use often. I thought it was worthy of adding to the list because I can say that it can challenge you into creating a better headline. I used it for this post determining whether I wanted to add it to the list. I received a 35% rating with my first headline draft. Even though it was just my draft it made me say “Oh, I want that number to be better”.

      When that thought crossed my mind, I figure anything that challenges us to do better is a good tool to try.

      I think your headlines are great. They leave me wanting to know more. I’m sure your post will do well πŸ™‚

      Thanks for stopping by Adrienne. I appreciate you!

  8. says

    Hi Steven
    Great headlines do half of the task of promoting your post. They grab attention of surfers, they influence them to click and then they bring visitors at your blog. Here the job of a great headline does not end. It remains in the mind of visitor and he remains influenced by the awesomeness of your headline. But here your job of meeting his expectations from the body of the post starts.
    Great headlines also means make or break. If you fail to retain the impact on your readers with the details of your post he will never come at your blog even if you create another great headline for him. If you meet his expectation then he is your another regular visitor and now it ups to you how you convert him further.
    You mentioned all the points which are very useful to make a great headline. It shows how deeply you researched the topic and also it reflets your prowess on the subject.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful list post that is actaully a tutorial to craft an unforgettable headline.
    Mi Muba recently posted…5 widely-followed methods to make a successful blogMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Mi Muba,

      headlines sure are vital to our contents success. I even say that headlines do 65-75 percent of the work. Either way it is critical to strive to do them right!

      Your post “5 Widely-Followed…” makes me want to click for sure. You surely peak my curiosity. My first thought was am I using any of them!

      I agree that your content surely has to back up your headline. I think many craft that great headline and then start to write. The thing is that when we start crafting our content, it may take a slightly different direction. At that point our headline should reflect the changes.

      Our credibility is a big part of our success and headlines along with everything that comes after the click is important.

      Thanks for stopping by mi Muba!

  9. says

    Thanks for this article. Writing headlines is something that I have always struggled with. The Content Idea Generator is new to me, so I will definitely check that out.

    Your tip about using a list is something that I have always found to work well, regardless of the niche. Sometimes you read complaints about too many lists in the world of blogging, but really, lists are everywhere. If you’re in the line at the grocery store and you check out some magazine covers you’ll see that most magazines use a ton of lists. They work.

    • says

      Hi Marc,

      You are welcome. If you struggle with your headlines, I would never know it. I think your headlines work well.

      You should definitely give the Content Idea Generator a shot. It works surprisingly well.

      I agree list work. You do see a lot but that’s where offering something different comes into play. When researching headlines there were plenty of list mostly with tips and a few with resources. So I decided to make a list post with tips that also sprinkled in resources. It is doing well for me. They should surely be utilized for sure!

      Thanks for stopping by Marc.

  10. says

    Hey Steven,

    Thank you to share such an effective list regarding creating “eye catching” Headlines. I was already following some of these listed above but some of them are noticed by me after going through this article.I agreed to ‘MI Muba’ that if you got an attractive Headlines the purpose of post is nearly half done.

    Have a pleasant day ahead πŸ™‚
    Mohd Arif Khan recently posted…7 Best Ways to Improve SEO on Your WordPress SiteMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Anton,

      The ideal length for a headline is 55 Characters. Depending on the size of the words in the headline, that will be about 8 to 10 words.

      Thanks for stopping by Anton.

  11. says

    Hey Steven,
    You mentioned great tools in this post beside the meat πŸ˜‰

    Whether it is Social media or search engines, the title is the way in. I often refer to poor titles as closed doors – no one goes in.

    The more you succeed in touching the readers in your title, the more clicks you get.

    For instance, there are many articles out there about ‘how to write clickable titles’ This is a common topic that’s beginning to lack some inspiration. However, in this post, you tackled it from an attractive angle, highlighting two points:

    1 – Tips
    2 – Resources

    When using a list-title type like you explain on point 12, try to add some more flavor to make it stand out from the common.

    You could simple say “25 Tips For Writing Click Worthy Headlines” but adding ” … And Resources” to it tells the reader there is more inside.

    Beautiful post and thanks for sharing some tools I didn’t know before now
    Enstine Muki recently posted…How To Be A Better Blogger With Kevin Duncan!My Profile

    • says

      Hey thanks Enstine,

      I like the “closed doors” metaphor! Just as you find great content due to great headlines. We also miss out on great content due to headlines that are not great.

      That is exactly the angle I was going for. When I researched writing headlines, you saw tips and a few resources. So i decided to give tips and sprinkle in some resources as well. Another angle is on the first couple pages of Google, the highest list was 16. So I went for 20 and ended up with 25.

      Thanks for the feedback Enstine! Have a great week.

  12. says

    Well you convinced me to “click”. 25 tips…how could I refuse!

    You definitely need a catchy headline otherwise you will instantly loose people’s attention.

    I think creating urgency is definitely the way to go to get people’s attention. You need them to think “I need to read this NOW” rather than …I’ll read it later, as later may never come!

    Love the references for Buzz Sumo and Content Idea Generator. I hadn’t used these tools before, but they look really helpful. I will be checking them out.

    • says

      Hey Catherine,

      It’s all about grabbing people’s attention. Then delivering once you have received it. There is so much information circulating that we have to do everything we can to attract readers.

      I have been reading more post about information over load due to so much content being shared. Not only being shared often on the same topics but also sound repetitive as well. Getting that headline right will help bridge the gap for sure.

      Thanks for stopping by Catherine.

  13. says

    Hello Steven J Wilson

    I have read your article completely and i have gained a lot from it. These are great tips – thank you. I’m impressed by your blogging.

    Excellent blog, Thanks so much for sharing

  14. says


    You Missed a Huge One…..

    Nice tips, and taking them to heart will help you write more effective headlines. One could argue the headline is the most important part of your content. After all, if they don’t click, you don’t sell!

    You’re right, emotion and curiosity are key. Stimulate audience emotion and curiosity (also an emotion?); you’ve nearly won the battle before it even starts.

    Think of how few people read your content. Much of that is due to your headline.

    With online copy blending in keywords is huge, but some copywriters have trouble getting the balance perfect. After all, if search engines ignore you, far fewer will ever see the content. On the other hand, sear engines don’t buy anything. That’s for real people, so don;t forget ho you’re writing for……

    Which leads to the next tip: Know your audience and what their true motivations are. You’ll be able to appeal to them more effectively.

    A big tip that’s worked for me?
    Write your headline first. It’s an old technique, but like many classics, it’s withstood the test of time for a reason.

    Steven, thanks again for the excellent tips. Many of them have been relied on by the best in the business for decades. There’s a reason for that.
    Steve Faber recently posted…Content Fails 7 Key Ways – Does Yours?My Profile

    • says

      Hi Steve,

      I also agree that one could argue that the headline is the most important part of ones content. It is an interesting argument for sure. I would have to say that content is still in the lead. Great content will further increase engagement, subscriptions, sales etc.

      Knowing your audience is an excellent tip and can be added to the list for sure! Knowing your audience will answer so many questions that many try to guess and figure out hoping to get lucky once they hit publish.

      Thanks for all the awesome tips Steve. Have a great week!

  15. says

    Hi Steven,
    Thanks for this wonderful list, i think when it comes to getting people to read your blog posts, your blog titles are what grabs their attention in the first place. It doesn’t matter how great and amazing your topic is to the reader if you don’t motivate them to actually read what you are talking about. Here are 3 major title types that will grab a reader’s interest.
    Emebu recently posted…6 Very Potent Blog Commenting Tips to get all the AttentionMy Profile

  16. says

    Hello Steven,

    BuzzSumo and Content Idea Generator seems to be nice tool, i will definitely try it, thank you!

    I have mark that headlines that ask questions naturally imply that the answers will be found in the accompanying content, so posts with inquiring headlines should attract more clicks.
    Worli recently posted…Rumi Love QuotesMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Moumita,

      I glad my headline about a post about headlines worked πŸ™‚ headlines are huge to our post success and as you mentioned, increasing traffic is one of the perks for sure.

      Thanks for stopping by Moumita!

    • says

      Hi Okto,

      These tools are excellent! The Content Idea Generator is my favorite for sure.

      Headlines are difficult at times. Sometimes getting our point across in about 50 characters for a 2,000 word post can be a challenge. Getting it right though can be huge for us!

      Always a pleasure Okto. Thanks for stopping by.

  17. says

    This is a fantastic list, Steven,

    I can’t think of a single headline creation technique I know and use that you haven’t mentioned here. Lots of other people would try to make people pay big money for a list like this, and you’re offering it for free. Kudos to you!

    One of the first things I notice from my marketing clients is a serious headline problem. Most people don’t know how to go about creating headlines that convert eyeballs into readers. This is probably the easiest and most effective fix that can be made, don’t you think?
    Brittany Bullen recently posted…10 Things to Say (and Not Say) to a Grieving PersonMy Profile

    • says

      I absolutely agree Brittany!

      If your marketing efforts seem to be falling a little short, taking a look at how effective your headlines are is a good first step. A simple change up of a word or two can make all the difference.

      Looking at your headline below your post, I think it’s great! You are solving a problem I think majority of people have a problem with. People grieve in so many ways and you laying out 10 things to say and not to say will appeal to anyone looking for that type of information for sure!

      Thanks for stopping by Brittany! Take care…

  18. says

    GREAT article. Absolutely great. I just added it to my Pocket.
    Excellent resources. Title and content idea generator helped me lot.
    Emotional marketing value headline analyser tool, is great.

    The use of the word you appeals greatly to audience. Readers love this personal kinda approach.

    Thank you for the great article and tools.
    Akshay Hallur recently posted…Blogger Business Cards: The Complete GuideMy Profile

  19. says

    Hi Steven – First time I’m checking out your site today, and finally getting back to see what other goodies you have out here.

    I had no idea until just recently how important headlines were to your post. You’re article gives a very good perspective into how important that is for me.

    I love all the tips and have already bookmarked this for future reference.

    Now I’m off to check out more of your site πŸ™‚
    Craig recently posted…4 Tips That Will Save Countless Hours When Starting A BlogMy Profile

  20. says

    Fantastic post Steven!

    You’ve obviously covered more than just headlines and in such detail. Talk about some great research.

    I really like the Buzzsumo tool. Never heard of it and it looks like it would be very helpful in creating buzz worthy content, plus headlines of course.

    One thing I plan on doing is split testing blog titles as well. This could really make a difference.

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll be printing this one out πŸ™‚
    Ron Killian recently posted…The Great Subject Line MythMy Profile

    • says

      Hey Thanks Ron,

      I’m glad you like it!

      Buzzsumo is awesome! It is always one of the tools that comes to mind when researching headlines.

      I also need to look into split testing headlines. I rarely change them but sometimes other just work better. It would be nice to get it right every time right πŸ™‚

      You are welcome and let me know what you think of Buzzsumo after you have tried it.

      Thanks for stopping by Ron.

  21. says

    HI Steven

    I just loved reading your articles. πŸ˜€

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