25 Action Words and How They Help Customers Make the Decision YOU Want

I have been doing some research on the power of Action Words. We already know words are powerful whether it’s verbal or written. So it makes sense that the wording on your blog could be loosing or making you sales, right?

You have spent plenty of time perfecting your blog, adding all the proper elements to your page design and so on. Yet, you still may not be getting the results you are looking for. Trying to reconfigure your layout, fonts etc could end up doing more harm than good. So, what is possibly the next best step?

Just adding a few “Action Words” could be all the difference. Sometimes the smallest tweak can lead to the biggest gain. What are Action words? Action words are words that create some type of response. Whether the action be clicking on a link or developing an emotional attachment to you, the content, product or place.

Everything we do on our website should focus on some type of Action. Ex. This post will help drive visitors to my site, those visitors will opt in to my list for my freebie, those subscribers will then purchase my product because… and so on. Action words will help us achieve our desired goals for each element of our website.

When used properly, the right words will be beneficial to our success. I have found 25 of the most common and best Action Words you can incorporate in your material. These are words that can trigger subconscious responses from the reader, only when used properly. Over use can get a negative response.

25 Action Words To Add To Your Content

1. You– Personally involves the reader.
2. Can– They know it’s something that they can do.
3. Easy– Lets the reader know that  it will not be hard for them to accomplish.
4. New– They will be one of the first to own it.
5. Exclusive– They are one of the few people receiving it.
6. Gift– You are giving them something for free.
7. Love– A word that connects you on an emotional level.
8. Immediately– They will get it right now, no wait.
9. Fast– It will be quick.
10. Lifetime– That it will last for a long time.
11. Unlimited– They can use it over and over again.
12. Results– They will know this will work for them.
13. Savings– They are receiving a discount.
14. Bargain– They are getting a good deal on something that costs more.
15. How to– They will get all the details.
16. Step by Step– This will also show them exactly how to do something.
17. Hurry– Creates urgency.
18. Offer– It will not last forever.
19. Absolutely- Another way to reassure your readers.
20. Tested– The results are proven.
21. Others– It’s a way to validate what is being said by people who believe in you, your product or service.
22. Secure– Another way to say safe.
23. Best– An elite product, service or place.
24. Increase– You will get more than what you currently have.
25. Unique– Another way of saying original or one of a kind.
*Bonus: Free or No Upfront Cost– You will not have to pay for anything.                                                                                                            

I would like your opinions on #26. You always see “Free” all over the web but is anything actually Free? Even though you are giving away say an e book, they still have to sign up as a subscriber in order to receive it. In my research I came across a lot of information saying that using Free is now a bad idea. Do you think it’s a bad idea and other terms like “No Upfront Cost” should be used instead?


I recommend using Action Words but use them sparingly. Using them in an unnatural way can lead to unattractive results. Test some of these words and see if your numbers increase. These words all have positive responses and will not hurt you by giving them a shot.

Are there any other Action Words you think should be added to the list?