How You’re Annoying Your Social Media Connects and Not Know It

Social media is here to stay and whether we want to or not, social media is necessary for our online success. In this post we will go over some things that are known as pretty annoying to others on various networks.

Unfortunately, many people conduct themselves in a way that may actually be doing more harm than good in your effort to build your network. It takes more than being there in order to be successful. It’s best to add value in what ever you do on your social media accounts.

If you have been on social media any amount of time, I’m sure you have dealt with someone who does some pretty annoying things? Whether it’s family, friends, Co workers etc. We have had someone who we gave or really wanted to give the boot 

Google+: We Didn’t Ask To Be Notified

This has become more common but should be avoided. Sending unwanted notifications to your circles about every post you share. This is considered highly annoying to many.

For me this is very intrusive. You may have shared some information that I found interesting enough to Circle you but not to the point where I want to know every last thing you post.

Google+ doesn’t have a subscribe button. Your post shouldn’t be forced on your Circles. In other words you are spamming and producing a quick way to get you uncircled.

Facebook: When Was I There?

This as harmless as it may seem, can also be considered spam. Don’t tag a ton of your friends about your new product, website, event etc.

The tag was meant for including a friend that was directly involved with you. Not as a way to blast your latest into others notifications. Unless both of you are at the same place eating, in the same picture and so on.

This is another quick way to loose engagement. If you are not deleted, your Friends will develop blinders and completely overlook your post.

Twitter: I Didn’t Need To See That

This is one that I get pretty often. When you Reply on Twitter, only mention the person who included you on the #FF tweet for example.

This reminds me of some email etiquette training I had several years ago. If you ever had an email blast about getting lunch and for 10 minutes your email is going off with people giving their orders, asking questions etc you know what I mean.

To me this is a harmless thing that can become annoying. If you are included in 3 #FF shoutouts, with 6 people on each. If most of them sends a reply to everyone mentioned in the tweet. That could be 10+ notifications that have nothing to do with you. Majority of the time you will see a bunch of thank yous to the originator of the Tweet.

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LinkedIn: Thank You Anyways… I Think

Linkedin is about being professional isn’t it? Yet, these “professionals” found a way to make a great feature a little annoying.

Just because they are telling you to leave a recommendation for someone, you don’t have to leave one. Endorsing someone who you have no relationship with or have never done any business with them, could have a negative effect on your brand.

Recommending someone you have actually done business with will be much more remembered and appreciated. You may even get a recommendation in return. Recommending someone on a skill should be genuine and used as a way to show your appreciation to the person you have worked with. Not to be used as some type of promotion tactic.

Final Thoughts

There are so many little things we have to tend to on all of our social media accounts. So when we do things that are not relevant and filling up our contacts notifications, it can have more of a negative effect on us.

We all want more connections, shares, referrals etc but we can’t try to cut corners. Especially, when we are involving our connections! There is nothing special we can do that doesn’t involved time, effort, and engagement.

Are there any other things that has happened to you on one or more of your social accounts that you consider annoying?